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Scars can be present for long time and may cause a lot of psychological impact on person’s life. Even though not always we can reverse the scars, it is usually difficult to correct, but to made scars less noticeable is certainly possible. Most commonly experienced cosmetic doctor at Vista Clinic would use subcision   (release of the scar binds with a special needle or canula), in combination with the most appropriate modality, such as dermal filler, PRP, mesotherapy, laser,  microdermoroller, dermapen, LED, chemical peeling and other cosmetic treatments.

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Acne is a chronic condition which most active and common in teenage and young adult age (due to genetic and hormonal changes), but can leave permanent scars, which are not easy to treat later in life. Vista Clinic cosmetic doctors commonly see patients presented many years later and it would be so much more efficient and successful to treat acne scars earlier. Acne scars and subtle forms of chronic cysts and acne can co-exist for many years, therefore a proper acne scars treatment is a combination of addressing underlying acne as well as treating acne scars (otherwise scars only subcision may flare up underlying infection)

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Post acne inflammation can stay for months and such prolonged or too aggressive acne type often lead to post acne scar formation. Vista Clinic cosmetic doctors utilize number of machines for more details individual assessment of each patient. The trick is that in Australia with active sun exposure, we should be careful with damaging the barrier function of the skin by laser or peelings. On a top of the problem, hypertrophic or kelloid scars appear few months later, therefore important not to overstimulate the skin fibroblasts. Coral peel is a natural, organic freshwater coral particles which slide under the skin and act in the inflammation damaged skin layer with minimal superficial skin damage. Another option would be bio-revitalisation – injection of active ingredients into the problem area.  Please, arrange consultation with an experienced cosmetic doctor for more information

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