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Acne can significantly impact quality of life and general self-perception of person. Sometimes acne can also leave a scar for life, which requires real skills and experience to remove.

There are number of options experienced and specialising doctor can offer to the patient. Doctor usually consult about your concerns, treatments available, underlying causes of acne and skin inflammation, pores, including black or white pores, skin pigments spots and irregularities, which common problem after acne. All treatments will be customised to your life and work situation to ensure best results for you.

Consultation can include treatment (subject to time availability) on the same day, prescription medications, arrangement of necessary blood or radiology tests, assessment with a specialised equipment, lamps and other advanced level innovations.

Consultation fee $150 (some cases may be medicare eligible).

Skin health treatment

Individually tailored treatment

  1. Course of peelings
  2. Underlying problem diagnosis and treatment
  3. Prescription skin care
  4. Acne scar procedure


Complex acne treatment

  1. Peelings x5
  2. Biorevitalisation x3
  3. Special mesotherapy technique
  4. Filler

Acne/chronic skin inflammation after 1.5 months treatment course (no tablets)

Treatment Description Downtime Number of sessions Cost
Acne scar subcision Restructure scar irregularities under skin to flatten up the skin Nill but up to 2 weeks 1-4 From $300
Doctor’s grade Microneedling (DermaPen, Dermaroller) Parallel micro channels to create even skin surface Nill or up to 2 days 3-10 From $270
Peeling Prescription only  multi-level Dr Miller’ peel address scar, inflammation, infection, including dermal mites, pigmentation, skin glowing and whitening. Nill, up to 3 hours.*Patients with dermal mites  mite experience some minor  peeling off on day 3

Effect after 1st, but ideally 3-5 to achieve permanent result.

10 days apart or as doctor determines

$150 (nose, cheecks, glabella and chin)

$ 250 (full face)

$ 350 (all exposed areas  – face+neck+decoltage+hands)

TCA Cross Strong TCA applied to depressed scar, causing targeted inflammation and collagen stimulation Nill or 1 week. Maximum effect in 6 months 1-2 $300 per session
Prescription medications Topical (prescription only strength retinoids, anti-inflmatory etc) or systemic medications, as doctors’ assessment. nill Treatment course from 6 weeks. Included into cost of consultation ($150).
Skin transplant Your own skin transplanted from healthy zones to scar depression Up to 1 week 1 From $350