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Chin and jawline definition and sharpening to restore golden ratio proportions of the lower face. Our cosmetic doctor is using a wide range of cosmetic treatments, including dermal fillers, cannulas, subcision, thread lift, anti wrinkle injections and much more. 

Please, book consultation via the website or phone for our experienced cosmetic doctor to assess your individual situation and discuss the best options.

Chin defects correction

Chin is a central part of the face and plays significant role in overall appearance of the face.

In case of cosmetic defects, it is difficult to hide with make up or hair style. At Vista Clinic Australia, we have treated patients, who’s quality of life was significantly effected by chin scars, dumping or other problems. People avoid going out or having relationship and psychologically struggling a lot.

It is important to know that there are a lot of options available to help in the modern cosmetic medicine. You don’t have to suffer in silence or go through expensive and significant plastic surgery.

To name the few non-surgical chin correction options, are French subcision (or separation), dermal filler augmentation, muscle relaxant injections, threadlifting and thread reshaping, fat dissolving injection, minor liposuction.

In this case, the patient had traumatic deformation of the chin, causing significant changes. The patient had no downtime, despite the bruising caused by the French subcision technique (bruising is a common complication of the procedure, but such controlled trauma actually is good as release growth factors and enhance regeneration). Such bruising easily covered with make up .

Combination of dermal filler containing hyaluronic acid (natural moisuriser) and the defect release by subcision created immediate improvement. However, for stable results, up to 3 procedures are recommended.

Filler lasts approximately 1 year and subcision is permanent.

Chin augmentation

Sometimes on a background of close to perfect face, the chin is out of proportions small in relation to the rest of the face.

This is easily correctable with strong dermal filler with a lifting potential.

Experienced cosmetic doctor will sculpture shape of chin in according to the proportions of your face.

Cosmetic injections is a combination of medicine and art, therefore it is important to choose experienced doctor, who can show you their own before and after. Make sure that your philosophy of beauty is similar with your cosmetic practitioner.

In the worst case scenario, if you are not satisfied with the aesthetic appearance, the filler can be dissolved with antidote within few seconds. VISTA Clinic Australia doctors have experience with correction of results from somewhere else, although it’s much easier to do a good job in the 1st place.

Initial chin filler augmentation

Most of VISTA Clinic Australia patients prefer subtle and natural look. Slight improvement with injectable fillers, then let the filler settle, then decide if top up again.

Small chin is most commonly due to genetic predisposition. It is commonly associated with not clear jaw line and sometimes even double chin even in not overweight individuals.

Our body naturally tend to keep balance, therefore changing balance from a small chin to a larger, more define chin, it is important to go step by step. Initially VISTA Clinic Australia cosmetic doctor will improve your chin to certain degree only.

Filler is  a gel structure, but in approximately 2 weeks filler becomes more firm, solid structure. That’s time for the next correction, if needed. Initial filler is already firm and will be a basement for the next layer of the filler.

Such approach ensures longer lasting filler, more natural results, and less amount of filler (= cheaper overall cost for patient).

Double chin 

Double chin can be due to multiple causes. Most common cause of double chin is overweight body in general.

Second most common cause is an aging process. Loosen tissues of floor of the mouth a hanging down, similar to hammock. Individual can be quite skinny, but still having double chin hanging down.

Underlying bone structure with not strong enough support – for example, small chin or neck deformities.

Depend on the cause of the problem, VISTA Clinic experienced cosmetic doctor will apply the most appropriate treatment option.

Often the 1st step of double chin improvement is fat dissolving injection. It’s permanent improvement of fat storage, therefore fat couldn’t accumulate again in this area under the chin.



Sharp and defined jawline is commonly desireable outcome for many patients and Vista Clinic Doctors here a lot of requests and questions on what cosmetic injection or cosmetic treatment is the best for jawline definition. As you can imagine, there is no one tablet for all symptoms and concerns and there is no one uniform cosmetic injection which would make the jawline straight and defined. Cosmetic doctor at Vista Clinic Australia always assess each person whole face and individual jawline. 

One of the most common contributing factors into jawline problems is age related ( and if genetically or lifestyle determined –  we age faster. Some of patients look aging because under gravity fat and skin tissues from above are drooping down from upper face. 

So, lift up the jowls and you wil see improved jawline as well as improved upper neck. Meso (or mono) threads or collagen – stimulating and lifting PDO threads (you can read more here thread lift )

Another option is to reduce fat and other dragging down tissues  – as we age, fat is protruding down like a hammock. Fat dissolving injections are permanent and associated with skin tightening. Just by improving fat under chin and jawline, the balance of the fce will shift up and person will enjoy overall lifting and refreashed look. More info about fat dissolving injections is here https://www.vistaclinic.com.au/double-chin-fat-dissolving-injections-melbourne/ 

Filler can be also used to sharpen jawline and create lifting points in chin, jawline angles and jaw edge. In avarage, there are 5-7 ml of filler used and such approach is recommended when other cosmetic injections and treatments are done.