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Deep cystic acne, which lasts for months?



BEST FOR: deep cysts. healing very slowly for few months/weeks after acne

  COST: from $50 per each cyst

DOWNTIME: zero to 1 day

Deep and large acne can take long time to resolve and at the high risk of scar upon healing. There are number of causes for such acne to appear including hormonal abnormalities, diabetes, immunodeficiencies, chronic infections etc.

Our cosmetic doctor will assess your health as we believe in the whole patient care.

Once cyst formed, the scar fibrotic tissues lock the capsule with puss inside, which turning into firm gel and then firm fibrotic tissue. Active ingredients from applied creams can’t reach the depth and obstruction of the scar tissue. 

Doctor will define the best treatments options for your cystic acne, but it make sense to inject active strong anti-inflammatory and anti-bacterial ingredients inside the cyst. Additionally, plasma pen can be used to shrink the cystic structure. The best approach is to arrange a consultation.  

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Forehead acne?



BEST FOR: persistent small acne on forehead

  COST: from $150

  DOWNTIME: no or up to 1 week

 Fine acne on forehead are from tiny oily glands obstruction, infection and oily glands overproduction. Common causes of forehead acne are incorrect product use, make up, hormonal changes, chronic hair infection, stress, oily hair. Oil from hair clogs pores of forehead. 

Treatment include addressing of causes with a cosmetic doctor, prescription only daily home medications (derivative of Vitamin A to peel off the clogging dead skin and shrink oily glands;  peroxide and other), strong peelings at the doctor’s office (usually course of 3 – we have own lab at VISTA Clinic and doctor will chose the most appropriate for your skin peels), possible injections of the medications deep in the skin. 

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Acne scars?



BEST FOR: scars post acne

  COST: from $400

DOWNTIME: none or few days (swelling and bruising)

Acne can leave scars for life, which is hard to treat. Best is to prevent while you still have active acne.

Acne scars can be treated with a number of modalities, including subcision, TCA peel, skin transplant (minor, under local anaesthetic), dermal filler to fill in the deficiencies, PRP, peel, dermapen.

Most of scars eliminated or much improved.

Make sense to combine to soften scars on the surface of the skin (peel, plasma, dermapen) and from inside the skin (filler, subcision, muscle relaxants).

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Clogged pores?



BEST FOR: clogged pores, congested skin

  COST: from $400


Clogged and enlarged pores can be reduced with non-comedogenic skin care, free of oil, regular cleansing and using retinol (the most effective of the group is a prescription by doctor only type). Such measures will improve your skin and prepare to the cosmetic procedures to be more effective.

Pores are worse as we age (sagging skin makes pores larger), hormonal changes, incorrect skin care and genetics. 

Office procedures include peels, but alone they may not be enough as pores are too deep and already clogged. Combination of suction of oily plagues from the pores with washing the pores with peels under pressure called microdermabrasion and hydrofascial peel can give quite impressive results on the skin. Many patients notice feeling of clean and “breathing” skin. 

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Red spots?



BEST FOR:red discoloration acne, rosacea, small blood vessels

  COST: from $250

  DOWNTIME: none to few days

Red discoloration can last for long time on the face after acne or rosacea. Besides aesthetic problem, red lesions on face can cause post-inflammatory hyper pigmentation. 

Cosmetic doctor will use a special laser, which immediately clears red spots, rosacea and small blood vessels (few more days may be slight irritation for your body to clear the “rubish” out, but it’s easily covered with make up).

As rosacea is often genetic, few treatments may be needed to maintain skin results. 

Acne commonly also needs to be treated at the same time for the best cosmetic outsome. 

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Peelings for acne?



BEST FOR: generalised acne, discoloration, clogged pores. 

  COST: from $150

  DOWNTIME: no recovery or up to 1 week, depending on depth

When scheduled individually, peels are highly effective for the acne management. Different types of peel can  clear the old, clogged skin, lighten up pigmentation and redness, shrink pores and oil glands, eliminate bacteria and mites, and many more effects. 
Best combined with prescription by doctor skin care. Course from at least 3, but usually 5 peels 1-2 weeks apart. 

Initial flare up of acne is common because peel make infections cysts move up from under the skin. 

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Dr Miller' GLOW - Light&Concentrated Cream

the best skin care professional

infusion with moisture, vitamins and actives is a basement of any skin.


  • “Glow” was the most common feedback after 1 month of use twice/day, as per our research.
  • Free from harmful ingredients, including lanolin and petroleum derived products. Therefore it can be used for dry, sensitive or oily skin and few times/day
  • Purely vegetable derived
  • Lightweight formula for optimum comfort *Leaves skin feeling velvety soft, without an oily residue.

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Soothing Irritation Intense Re-hydration Cream

zinc calomine medical cream

BEST FOR:  dehydrated sensitive skin with redness, inflammation 

SKIN TYPE:  dry, after burn. 

A combination of active ingredients for soothing and calming skin, infusing it with hydration without irritative ingredients and using liposomes for absorption.

Best suits for DEHYDRATED & SENSITIVE SKIN. Safe to use and good for rosacea, redness, sensitive skin, acne, post cosmetic treatments (like laser, peelings), in combination with an intensive therapy (like vitamin A), for eczema prone skin. 

Contains zinc, calamine, deep hydrating medical ingredients etc. Is used for kids, skin with eczema – safe.

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Intense Rehydration Medical Pro

moisturizer lux skin care

BEST FOR: dehydrated, dry skin.

SKIN TYPE: dry, eczema, dehydrated skin

    • Free of fragrances, lanolin, paraben and other potentially harmful or irritating substances
    • Long lasting hydration
    • Smoothen and restore water-lipid balance with retaining of the water and boosting skin own regeneration.
    • Improves health of the skin.
      Listen to your skin – how much it wants to “drink”.  You can apply liberally as often as needed. Most patients prefer daily

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