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Jowls or Enlarged Jaw


Disproportional big/heavy lower face?



  BEST FOR: aging face with prolapsing down tissues or genetically small cheeks

  COST: from $449

  DOWNTIME: none or bruising (covered by make up) 

Golden ratio of beauty proportions is the classic “law of attraction” used in art, cosmetic medicine. Simply speaking, according to the ideal proportions of womens’ face, upper part  (cheeks and midface) are wider than lower- like a triangle. As we age, the triangle is turning downwards, when we loose cheek bones and fat with skin drooping down to nasolabials and jaws. Some people were born with heavier lower face and less cheeks (which is actually considered attractive in men, but not for females as much). 

With filler, we restore the golden ratio proportions by augmenting cheeks and midface – so, visually, lower face appears not too large for the face. 

Measurement and artistic eye help your doctor to ensure natural looking results.

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Square face with big jaw bulk?



  BEST FOR: masseter hypertrophy. Asian faces. Square face. Teeth grinding. 

  COST: from $500

  DOWNTIME: zero

Big muscles on sides of lower face called masseters makes face square and the jaw heavy. 

Muscle relaxant injection shrink the muscle bulk (no effect on chewing), creating V shape of the face. Effect lasts 6-8 months. 

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Jowls hanging on a lower face?



  BEST FOR: fat deposits hanging over jaw line

  COST: from $600

  DOWNTIME: 3 days of swelling

Face fat pads are drooping down to the nasolabials, then over corners of the mouth (“marionette lines”) and down over the jaw line. 

Besides cosmetic jaw line disturbance, the weight of hanging fat pads is pooling face down. 

By dissolving fat from the lower face, which is pulling down, the face balance automatically goes up, which creates a lifting effect itself. 

Fat dissolving injections are done if the fat component is over 2-3 cm, otherwise effect is only minimal and other methods would be more appropriate. 

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