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Body fat deposits


Fat dissolving injections?



  BEST FOR: if excess of fat (over 3 cm), but limited to 2 small areas per treatment

  COST: from $600

  DOWNTIME: 2-4 days

Fat dissolving injection is considered to be a lunch time procedure, although swelling is the most common side effect.

It’s not for weight loss, but shaping of the body.

Swelling is worse later the treatment day, then improve in a couple of days usually. More swelling post injection – better will be effect and skin tightening.
The medication used is similar to naturally occurring in the body  and has been in medicine for a long time.
Fat dissolving injections require few procedures – in clinical research it has been done from 4 to 6 injections to achieve significant results (Ref: https://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pubmed/27340142 ), however, at VISTA Clinic Australia Melbourne we can see significant results after 1st injections, most commonly after 2 or 3.

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  BEST FOR: excess fat and shaping of the body (not for weight loss)

  COST: from $2500

  DOWNTIME: 1-2 weeks

 Liposuction is a mechanical suction off the fat cells from excess fat deposits areas with contouring of body. Liposuction is a golden standard in treatment of excess fat in the local area, helping to sculpture desirable shape. Like any other surgical procedure, this is effective, but more recovery procedure.

Vista clinic doesn’t perform liposuction, but we know appropriate doctors for referral

Weight loss?



BEST FOR: overweight with BMI 25 plus

  COST: from $150 (counsult fee)

  DOWNTIME: none, but advisable to start in not busy/stressful period of time


Modern obesogenic environment predispose us to weight gain, which is now over half Australians. 

During the comprehensive 1st counsultation, doctor will determine your individual problems, may arrange tests and then create an individual plan for weight loss. 

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