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Forearms/thighs bumps?



  BEST FOR: pores, post acne, hard bumps, bruising, dull non-elastic skin

  COST: from $250

DOWNTIME: none to up to 3 days

Small hard bumps on forearm and thighs called keratosis pilaris are hard to treat. Firm protein called keratin builds up in hair follicules causing bump. In mild cases, you can use exfoliating brush and lactic acid serums at home. In more significant cases you may need professional help. Coral peel breaks hard keratin, soften it up and prevent further keratin plaques to form. It also works similar to mechanical peeling effect like a diamond microdermabrasion.

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Red spots?



BEST FOR: haemangioma (red spot or bump)

  COST: from $150, depending on size, location and amount

DOWNTIME: usually none, but crusts and inflammation is possible.

 Red spots or bumps needs to be checks with an experienced skin doctor (VISTA Clinic Melbourne doctors are trained in skin cancer), especially if growing. Most commonly, they are so called hemangioma. It’s a cyst in a blood vessels, usually non-cancerous. Depending on the location, but most cases can be treated with coagulating the blood vessels, shutting circulation in this area. When crust fell off in few weeks, will be clear if additional cycle of treatment is needed. 

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Skin tags?



BEST FOR: lumps and bumps anywhere, which needs to be removed

  COST: from $50, but cost may vary a lot depending on the severity and amount

  DOWNTIME: none, lunchtime procedure, but bruising and crusts are possible


VISTA experienced cosmetic doctor will check if the lesion is benign or suspicious (using dermatoscope and skinoscope) and then discuss with diagnoses and causes, as well as treatment plan. In a rare event of malignancy, biopsy will be immediately arranged, but in 90% of the cases the lesion is benign and can be removed. We use electrocoagulation, electrocut, classic surgical scalpel, liquid nitrogen or other devices to choose from, depending on your skin lesion. 

Usually procedure can be tolerated without pain relief or, if needed, with numbing cream or under local infiltration of anaesthetic. Most of the cases, effect is immediate and without downtime. 

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