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Ball on the end of the nose?



  BEST FOR: if excess of soft tissue on the end of the nose

  COST: from $600

DOWNTIME: none up to few days (swelling?

Nose reduction injection is considered to be a lunch time procedure, although swelling is the most common side effect.

Swelling is worse later the treatment day, then improve in a couple of days usually. However, nose swelling post nose slimming injection is good (creates a lot of jokes after the phrase at our Melbourne Cosmetic Clinic). More swelling post injection – better will be effect and skin tightening.
The medication used is similar to naturally occurring in the body  and has been in medicine for a long time.
Nose reduction injections require few procedures, 4-6 weeks apart to achieve significant results, however patient can stop earlier, when satisfied with cosmetic outcome (our VISTA Clinic patients commonly say “it’s not perfect, but much better and I’m happy”, which is fine. Our job is to help you).

The result is seen after 1st procedure in few days, then is developing for the next few weeks.

Alternative is surgery (Ref: research in bulbous nose reduction ).

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Wide nose nostrils?



BEST FOR:wide nostrils 

  COST: from $250

DOWNTIME: none or rare bruising, covered by makeup

 Wide nostrils can be treated with:

  • muscle relaxant injection – relaxing alar part of nasalis muscle and so shrinking it in size, will make nostrils narrower. Cosmetic doctor will assess your nose movements to determine if such approach would be appropriate for you. Effects last longer at this zone – from 6 to 12 month, but obviously individual differences.
  • filler to fix nostrils at the narrower point. You will be pleased to know that this injection also lift nasolabial folds. Due to close facial artery at this location, this zone only must be injected by experienced doctor with emergency equipment on site (blindness is a risk, but reversible if treated straight away). At VISTA Clinic Australia we never had any significant complications at the nose injections. 
  • combination of muscle relaxant and filler works the best and most natural

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Drooping down nose?



  BEST FOR: drooping down tip of the nose

  COST: from $250 

  DOWNTIME: none, lunchtime procedure, but bruising possible


Bone under the nose, which serves as a basement for nose to “sit on” called maxilla is unfortunately resorbing (shrinking) as we age.  Therefore nose tip is falling forwards and down more and more. Most aging patients aesthetically benefit from nose lift – it’s central part of the face and makes significant difference in a general appearance. 

Nose lift options are:

  • muscle relaxant into depressor septi nasi the muscle which pulling down the nose. Although painful (Vista Clinic cosmetic doctor uses trick to make it much less painful), the injection is easy and quick, well tolerated by patietns. 
  • filler in the basement of the nose to elevate the basement (called Eiffel Tower technique). 
  • thread lift of the tip of the nose – also, the technique straighten dorsal nose.  

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