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Wrinkles around eyes?



  BEST FOR: if excess of fat (over 3 cm)

  COST: from $150

DOWNTIME:none till 3 days (rare bruising) 

Crows feet are wrinkles around eyes. Most commonly on a high mimic muscles areas. Round muscles around eyes cause repetitive folding of the skin, which also becomes thinner and  less elastic with age. 

Injections of muscle relaxant makes the wrinkles softened or disappear within few days, but final result is in 2 weeks.

Lasts: research demonstrated 3-6 months, but it depends on how quickly patient’s muscle regenerates after the injection. Intense sport, Vit B and other factors shorten longevity. 

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Excess skin around eyes?



  BEST FOR: excess skin causing wrinkles

  COST: from $400

  DOWNTIME: 2 days of swelling, then minor unnoticeable for 2 weeks

Plasma causes skin contraction and tightening.

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Sunken eyes?



BEST FOR: deficient tissue – sunken eye

  COST: from $600

  DOWNTIME: none, lunchtime procedure, but bruising possible


Bone around eyes provides support for soft tissues of eyelids and eyebrows. When orbits’ bone resorbes (shrinks) with age, eyelids and eyebrows drop down. Dermal filler restoration of the orbital bone will provide tension,lifting of the area around eyes and lifting up excess skin . Result lasts approximately 1 year.

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