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BEST FOR: overactive muscles pulling eyelids and eyebrows down

  COST: from $320

DOWNTIME: zero to 1 day

Upper face muscles can be divided into 2 groups: pulling down and lifting up. Anti wrinkle or muscle relaxant injections can help to relax group of muscles pulling down eyelids and eyebrows. So, the balance of the muscle will automatically shifts up with clinically lifting effect for improving eyelids.

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BEST FOR: drooping skin of lateral eyebrows and eyelids

  COST: from $2500

DOWNTIME: 2-5 days

Threads can lift not every case, but can try to pull your eyebrows from the hairline. If no improvement of eyebrow and eyelids with such lift, the PDO threads won’t be the best option for such. 

Threads are pulling up eyebrow and therefore eyelids, creating improved drooping appearence

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eyelids treatment

BEST FOR: excess skin and eyebags

  COST: from $1000

DOWNTIME: 2-7 days
* Results permanent

As we age, we have too much skin in the face as well small fat deposits, scars, possible migrated fillers etc. Skin and under skin structures can be tightened and minimized with either surgery (facelift) or Radiofrequency Injections. Radiofrequency injections are deep, doctor’s only procedure (it’s not beautician massage with radiofrequency or superficial microneedling)   – it is a proper medical procedure of deep, permanent removal of excessive tissues on the face. 

Best areas are lower face (jowls and double chin), nasolabial folds bulk and eyelids (hoody or eyebags)

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