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Thread lift PDO?

BEST FOR: excessive tissues which needs to be re positioned to the lifting point 

  COST: from $1400

DOWNTIME: zero to 3 days

Threads are a large group of methods, although for most patients we use absorbable, collagen stimulating threads. If patient try to lift with own hand their skin to the desirable direction and can see result – threadlift can help. Threads help to re position dropped with age/gravity skin back up, where is came from. With such minimal invasion to the body structures, there is little or no downtime.

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Lifting points dermal filler?

BEST FOR: deficient, flat lifting points

  COST: from $500

DOWNTIME: zero to 1 day

Lifting points are associated with visual youth restoration, utilising youth triangle and lifting muscles attachment points principles. Even with a small amount of dermal filler, results can be quite refreshing and lifted. Most suitable for regular maintenance injections 

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Muscle relaxant injections?

BEST FOR: overly active muscles pulling down lower face

  COST: from $500

DOWNTIME: zero to 1 day

Pulling down neck muscle called platisma is attached to the jawline bone. Muscles on the sides of the jaw also pulling down. Relaxing those pulling down muscle is no downtime and relatively painless procedure, lasting for few months (3-6).

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Fat dissolve injections?

BEST FOR: fat deposits prolapse

  COST: from $800

DOWNTIME: 3 -5 days 
* results permanent 

Fat deposits in the lower face can be permanenetly removed with the lipolytic injections, improving straighter jawline.

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Radiofrequency Injections?

skin and lowerface tightening

BEST FOR: excessive skin and under skin structures

  COST: from $1000

DOWNTIME: 2 to 7 days

* results permanent 

As we age, we have too much skin in the lower face as well small fat deposits, scars, possible migrated fillers etc. Skin and under skin structures can be tightened and minimized with either surgery (facelift) or Radiofrequency Injections. Radiofrequency injections are deep, doctor’s only procedure (it’s not beautician massage with radiofrequency or superficial microneedling)   – it is a proper medical procedure of deep, permanent removal of excessive tissues on the face. 

Best areas are lower face (jowls and double chin), nasolabial folds bulk and eyelids (hoody or eyebags)

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Skin tightening?

BEST FOR: uneven folds

  COST: from $500

DOWNTIME: zero to 1 day

Meso or monothreads create a firmness or the skin, more tight skin with improvement of collagen.

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