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BEST FOR: sun damaged or dry skin

  COST: from $400

DOWNTIME: 1 -3 days

Hyaluronic acid is a natural moisturizer which we loose as we age, and more obvious such process is in skin. Molecules of hyaluron are too large to be able to be absorbed by the skin therefore injection into the most deep and active layer – basal layer of the skin – helps to regenerate and creates the moist and good environment for skin to regenerate.

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BEST FOR: dull, hard to regenerate skin

DOWNTIME: 1-3 days

Platelet rich plasma delivers growth and regenerative factors into area of the body which is slow to heal itself. PRP or plasmolifting have no clear evidence of work, but many doctors prefer to use PRP for aging and dull skin with slow regeneration. 

Patient’ own blood resources help to heal desirable area.

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BEST FOR: thin, wrinkles, collagen deficient skin

  COST: from $400

DOWNTIME: zero to 3 days

Meso or mono threads material called PDO is a strong collagen stimulation. Mesothreads inserted into basal, deep layer of the skin, which is the most metabolically active and provides support and stricture for the skin. 

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BEST FOR: particular problem to solve, anti-aging long term.

  COST: from $100

DOWNTIME: depends on the medication

Active ingredients are the most valuable part of home skin care.
Unfortunately, in the modern system, significant % of budget of creams cost is going to advertising and other associated costs. Therefore doctors commonly prescribe more specialized “cosmeceuticals”. At Vista Clinic, we prefer to prescribe CONCENTRATES of ACTIVE INGREDIENTS which patient adds to whatever creams (“vehicle”) you use at home. Sunscreens must be good quality and exactly as manufactures – we also offer few brands for different skin types and problems. 

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BEST FOR: dull, congested skin

DOWNTIME: 0-3 days

Over 70 different peelings we have at VISTA Clinic Melbourne as an own lab. We have different skin types over skin (under eyes skin is different from nose) – each area is being treated by different peel and different concentration of cosmetic ingredients. Adidtionally, we have different problems on face to address (i.e., pores on nose and T zone, pigment on cheeks, lifting on neck etc). 
Individual approach to each area of the skin is VISTA clinic philosophy and point of difference. 

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