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EVENT PREPARATION (Wedding, Party etc)

Fresher look with lifting and contour points filler?

BEST FOR: almost everyone who can improve as per golden ratio and fresher look

  COST: from $550

DOWNTIME: zero to 3 days (bruising)

Lifting points (attachment points of lifting ligaments) can be enhanced with a small amount of filler, creating a lifted up effect. 
Golden ratio (“ideal” proportions) also help to improve little, but in right places, improving overall appearance of the face without changing  – it’s hard to say what is changed, but overall face looks more attractive. Golden ratio is long known in art and is used in cosmetic medicine by leading doctors for making person the best version of themselves. 

Make up looks also much better if contours of the face are improved. 

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Glowing skin?

BEST FOR: dull, wrinkles, dry skin. skin to glow and have a even make up.

  COST: from $400

DOWNTIME: zero to 1 week

Quality of skin suits everyone and glowing skin will make overall appearance more fresh as well as make up cover better. 
Skin is very complex structure with many aspects individually to be improved – please, see your doctor to assess and discuss the most appropriate plan for your skin. 

Generalizing, most common procedures for skin quality are:

-“clean” – individually tailored Dr Miller peel, coral peel (works particularly well for think, ethic like asian skin), hydrofascial (more for mildly congested skin). 

– ” boost” and “fill in” with nutrients and natural moisturiser hyaluronic acid. On a background of a clean skin, such procedures alike biorevitalization and mesotherapy or skin booster will provide “glow from inside” effect.

– “relax” with anti wrinkle muscle relaxant injections. Soften wrinkles with cosmetic injections are popular, but also very good to relax muscles which are pulling down – so, we have lifting effect – for example, for eyebrows, corners of the mouth. Can also create V shape of face, improve smile, slim nose and to do much more.

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Eyelash and eyebrow grown naturally?

BEST FOR: thin, short, weak eyelashes and eyebrows and preparation for eyelash extensions

  COST: from $150


Program of comprehensive care for eyelashes and eyebrows follicles health. Initial assessment following by prescribed home care and a course of the eye area mesotherapy with vitamins, improving health of skin and hair follicles active ingredients. 

 The 1st step is a eyelash growing serum. Then we advise injections of medications into eyelids and eyebrows (from 1 to 3 procedures) +/- mesothreads. 

Please, make appointment with doctor to discuss the best and most appropriate options. 

Improving strength and  health of eyelashes will also prepare them to extensions and make eyelids look fresher.

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