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Lifting points filler?

BEST FOR: aging or tired looking face

DOWNTIME: zero  (bruising is possible)

Lifting points (attachment points of lifting ligaments) can be enhanced with a small amount of filler, creating a lifted up effect. 
Golden ratio (“ideal” proportions) also help to improve little, but in right places, improving overall appearance of the face without changing  – it’s hard to say what is changed, but overall face looks more attractive. Golden ratio is long known in art and is used in cosmetic medicine by leading doctors for making person the best version of themselves. 

Make up looks also much better if contours of the face are improved. 

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Instant V shape lift of the face?

BEST FOR: hanging down soft tissues  – the ones which can be lifted by hands up.

DOWNTIME: zero to 2 weeks (depends on technique used)

Aging or genetic – soft tissue of skin and subcutaneous fat are sliding down the cheeks to nasolabial folds and then forming the jowls. Tired look, less fresh, more sad are usual complaints from patients. 

If you can lift up to temples this tissues – it is likely we can do the same with threads – effect can be seen straight away. 

There are different techniques to threadlift. Generally speaking, longer downtime – longer it will last. But if patient would prefer immediate results, it still will last for a while and 

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Central face enhancement?

BEST FOR: aging, proportions restoration

DOWNTIME: zero to 1 day

Lips, under eyes area, nose attract attention and even little changes will create fresh and nice overall impression. 

There are different types of techniques filler (it’s a sculpture material which we can use for sculpturing a better face)

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