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Fat dissolve injections?

juvederm, belkyra Melbourne

BEST FOR: superficial subcutaneous fat (when can pinch the area and feel fat) 

  COST: from $800

DOWNTIME: 3 to 7 days (swelling), but permanent

Permanent fat cells dissolving in a targeted area. 
The fat can’t return as no adipocytes (fat cells) after the fat injections. It can accumulate somewhere else in the body, but not where fat cells are eliminated. As we age, fat cells can droop down to lower face again, but correction and maintenance is usually much easier.  

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Thread lift jowls up?

thread lift Melbourne

BEST FOR: if you can easily lift up with your hands – threadlift wold be working well 

   COST: from $1400

  DOWNTIME: 2 days to 2 weeks

 Non-surgical lift – tissue repositioning from lower face to temples, where they “drop” from, as we age.  Threadlift with absorbable threads, which are used in medicine for long term – they are intact, safe and collagen stimulating. 

As we don’t change anatomy, no cuts or stichers – the result is natural with no scars or permanent changes, and can be reversed to previous state, if needed. 
Lasts app 6-10 month (the 1st time), but even after that won’t return to pre-threads state – will be better. Initial lift will be keep improving within 6 months.

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Radiofrequency injections?

skin and lowerface tightening

BEST FOR: excessive skin tissues in lower face

    COST: from $1000

   DOWNTIME: 2 to 7 days

  As we age, we have too much skin in the lower face as well small fat deposits, scars, possible migrated fillers etc. Skin and under skin structures can be tightened and minimized with either surgery (facelift) or Radiofrequency Injections. Radiofrequency injections are deep, doctor’s only procedure (it’s not beautician massage with radiofrequency or superficial microneedling)   – it is a proper medical procedure of deep, permanent removal of excessive tissues on the face. 

Best areas are lower face (jowls and double chin), nasolabial folds bulk and eyelids (hoody or eyebags)

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