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Thin lips?



Cost: $225-700 

Lasts: 6 months – 1 year

Downtime: zero to 2 weeks (rare)

Injections of hyaluronic acid is used as a medical sculpture material to form natural, proportional, plumped beautiful lips. 

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Vertical lip lines going through lips contour?



Cost: $250-449

Lasts: 6 months – 1 year

Downtime: zero- 1 week

Best suits to: lost volume

As we age, vertical lines are getting more in amount and depth. Prevention of the lines is important, as well as correction with different methods. Hyaluronic acid injections hydrate and create volume in a deficient volume. The filler injection are placed carefully to ensure that lips are looking natural, not overdone, with a define contour, which “ironing” and smothen vertical lips wrinkles. 

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Vertical lines over skin around lips?



Cost: $250-$800

Downtime: from 3 days till 1 week. 

Lasts: from 1 – 3 years. 

Best suits to: mimic lines around lips

Plasma energy cause contraction of “worn and torn” of loosen skin around mouth. Additionally, plasma helps with resurfacing of the skin. 

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Lips wrinkles?



Cost: $250-700

Lasts: 6-12 months

Downtime: no or up to 4 days of possible bruising

Best suit to: aging lips.

Injection of a natural moisturizer hyaluronic acid, linked in a special way to last longer. As we age, we loose moisture from the lips and other body tissues. Imaginary speaking, our lips used to be grapes, and then turning into sultana with age. Filler restores the volume to the younger version of your lips and improve wrinkles. Aging lips look natural and fresh. 

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Too much gum shown when smile?



Cost: $130

Downtime: none

Effect: in 2 weeks

Lasts: 3-6 months

Overly active muscle elevate upper lip during smile, demonstrating over 2 mm of the upper gum. Muscle relaxant injection making the muscle into normal tonus and the smile more natural. 

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Contour lips for better make up?



Cost: $250-449

Downtime: no or few days of bruising

Lasts: 6 – 12 months

Aging or disproportional lips can be corrected with a dermal filler as a structure sculpturing material. Contour specifically is important for the lips make up appearance and can be easily corrected with the filler.

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