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Anti-wrinkle injections?

nd so much more

BEST FOR: mimic wrinkles and creases. To lift eyebrow and eyelid

  COST: from $320

DOWNTIME: zero to 1 day

Anti wrinkle injections or muscle relaxant injections can targetly address unwanted muscles activity – for example, causing wrinkles in forehead, eyebrows, around eyes area. Botulotoxin also can help to relax muscles pulling downwards eyebrows, eyelids, jawline, neck and many areas. In Medicine, botulinotoxins are actively used for migraines, teeth grinding, tension headaches, neck prolongation, acne treatments, treatment of excessive sweating, spasm treatments, calves slimming, face reshaping, pores tightening and so much more. Please, arrange counsult with our experienced doctor.

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Lunchtime filler facelift?

BEST FOR: lack of volume in the face, lifting points deficiency. Not for overweight or prone to fluid retention faces.

  COST: from $550

DOWNTIME: zero to 1 day

Bone loss as we age cause face dropping down (no more support). Slight amount of dermal filler into lifting points of bone loss to replace  face contour and volume in “right places”. As cosmetic doctor restores your face to how it used to be, not changing it (may be a little) – the result is quite natural, it’s still you, but more re-freshed and rejuvenated version of you. “Just lucky with good night sleep” look. 
Please, note that dermal filler cares risk and some areas are particularly dangerous – therefore we use Ultrasound guided cosmetic injections of dermal filler techniques at Vista Clinic Australia for some risky zones to ensure patients safety and also precise filler placement.

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LED skin rejuvenation?

BEST FOR: stressed skin, inflamation, congestion, aging.

  COST: from $65, but course is usually recommended.


LED is a “family” of light energy which helps your skin to reduce inflammation (after procedure or stress, or infection), boosts collagen production for firmness and tightening of the skin, increase microcirculation for “flashing out” toxins from the skin, muscles, ligaments and to deliver nutrients and oxygen. LED is used in medicine for different modalities and at VISTA Clinic Australia we have invested into high-end state of art device of medical grade. However, LED should be prescribed by doctor after personal assessment to ensure best results and safety.

Feeling of relaxation and good rest, commonly patients fall asleep during the treatment.

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V-shape face slimming?

BEST FOR: square, heavy lower face due to masseter muscle

  COST: from $500


V shape or face slimming injections is a safe (in experienced hands) way to lift your face and create triangle of beauty facial appearance. 

The principle of face slimming injections is to relax masseter muscle – pulling down square muscle, which makes jawline heavy on a lateral parts. Musle relaxing injections help to shrink the bulk of the masseter muscle and shift muscles balance up, lifting effect. 

Effect develops in 2-5 weeks and last from 6 months to 1 year (depends on how fast your body regenerate). 

Some faces also need fat dissolving injections or platysma (neck and jawline pulling down muscle) relaxation. Sometimes doctor combine the treatment with other modalities life filler, if we also would like to create better angle of the jawline or enhance cheeks by filler. 

Please, arrange counsult with our experienced doctor to discuss options.

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Organic corals deep skin treatment?

BEST FOR: congested skin from deep inside, prolonged healing of red spotsThick skin (man usually particularly respond well).

  COST: from $250

DOWNTIME: zero to 1 day 

Deeper congestion, post-inflammation non healing redness. In fact, any deep skin problems. Creams, laser and other skin treatments work on surface, therefore not suitable for deep skin problems. How to resolve deep skin problems without destroying skin? In cosmetic medicine, we don’t have too many options and that’s where uniqueness of coral peel is coming into. Fresh water corals (it’s actual corals, you can smell and see them, they are pretty amazing) have small particles, capable to slip deep under skin without destroying it. Corals have a strong collagen stimulation, natural antibiotic, “resurfacing skin from inside” functions. It’s elite treatment available at limited manufacturing in Israel.

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Vitamin injections?

BEST FOR: high performers

  COST: from $150


Vitamins and active healthy ingredients injected intravenously or intramuscular help higher bio-equivalence and efficiency. Research demonstrated wide spread vitamin deficiency in modern society. Good nutritional balance in the body helps to boost performance (body doesn’t need to work in “saving mode”, but full capacity), better general resistance to stress, diseases, traumas. 

Stimulating and forcing your body to perform with strong coffee and stronger stimulants, it’s wiser to create a good nutritional conditions for body to function and perform. 
Modern medicine uses different types of nutritional supplementation, depending on the problem we need to address – please, arrange counsultation with doctor. 
Besides famous “Vitamin C injection for skin glow” or “Vitamins B for mind sharpness” advertising, we have more scientific and evidence – based approach to each individual for both immediate and long term results. 

Glow healthy ideal skin laser treatment

regular brightening peels, skin tightening, rosacea, ok during summer.


  • “Glow” was the most common feedback after 1st peel (please, note it can peel of old dry skin if not done regular  - so, allow few days downtime 1st time)
  • Natural peel derived from almonds  - therefore not lasting long time, we supply 4 weeks supply at a time. 
  • Effect on skin tightening, collagen stimulation, brightening and antibacterial.
  • If irritation, burn, concerns - stop and contact us.

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Lactic Acid Peel

skin care advanced Vista Clinic

BEST FOR:  aged skin, lack of moisture and excess old skin.

SKIN TYPE:  dry, dull, rough and sun damage skin. Ideal for aging skin

 Lactic (milk) acid is a natural pro-biotic, moisturiser and cleanser of dead skin. 

Usually advised after "training" skin with mandelic acid as a next level up for aging, excessive, dull skin, not prone to rosacea or irritation. 

Regular use prepares skin to better aging, more effecting in-clinic procedures, especially any skin quality treatments. 

No or minimal downtime, visible reduces pores, wrinkles, helps skin health and cell turnover.

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jessner peel


BEST FOR: the strongest peel for home use.

SKIN TYPE: well prepared skin, dull, sun damaged, pigmented.

    • Combination of acids for multi-factorial addressing of different skin problems.
    • Recommended to use after prepared skin and during the winter.
    • Improves smoothness of the skin, pigmentation, scars, pores, inflammation. 
    • Provide a course supply ( 3-4 weeks every 2 weeks or as tolerated).
      Recommended after aesthetician consultation to ensure safety and best plan.

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