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Mesotherapy for pigment clearance?

BEST FOR: dry, inflamed, slow regeneration skin

  COST: from $400

DOWNTIME: zero to 3 days

Mesotherapy is a delivery of active medications into a problem directly in a high concentration instead of given it to be distributed in the whole body. Pigment removal and cells repair active ingredients mixed with natural moisturizer (hyaluronic acid) are injected into the problem of pigment (or any other concern) area. Works particularly well with prescription home care and peel.

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  COST: from $100

DOWNTIME: zero to 5 days

Melasma and other skin problems need targeted treatment by active medications. Doctor is making a comprehensive assessment, using machines and dermatoscope and then prescribe and discuss the best, most appropriate options.

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deep coral treatment?

BEST FOR: deep pigment, deep inflammation or deep congestion of the skin

  COST: from $250

DOWNTIME: zero to 3 days (weekend)

Corals improve permetability of the skin, are able to work deep inside (melasma is a deep pigment) and with no or minimal destruction of the skin. Besides microneedling effect, corals “deep clean” the skin in a deeper layers and improve overall health, improve pigmentation, decrease inflammation etc

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