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Subcision (break the scar tissue mechanically) ?

 BEST FOR: deficient, flat midface

  COST: from $500

 DOWNTIME: 2-5 days

Mechanical destruction of the fibrotic tissue bands, tethering the skin inside. Under local anesthetic. Patient can hear “pop” of the releasing of the skin. For old and persistent scars few procedures are requires. Often great combination with filler to create a “basement” of the defect and good moisturizing and collagen stimulating environment for the new tissue formation.

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Steroid injections?

 BEST FOR: too much scar tissue (hyper trophic or jelloid scars)

  COST: from $150

 DOWNTIME: zero to 1 day

Steroid injections suppress proliferation and therefore “shrink” hypertrophic or kelloid scars in size. 

TCA or phenol peeling?

 BEST FOR: superficial and widely spread scars

  COST: from $500

 DOWNTIME: 1 week

Deeper peels cause destruction of the damaged skin, which then being peeled off (like a snake peels their old skin) with growing new skin instead. The peel takes time to recover and care with sun avoidance (risk of too much pigmentation) and do not take off the crusts (they are like a natural “incubator” for growing new healthy skin). 

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Glow healthy ideal skin laser treatment

regular brightening peels, skin tightening, rosacea, ok during summer.


  • “Glow” was the most common feedback after 1st peel (please, note it can peel of old dry skin if not done regular  - so, allow few days downtime 1st time)
  • Natural peel derived from almonds  - therefore not lasting long time, we supply 4 weeks supply at a time. 
  • Effect on skin tightening, collagen stimulation, brightening and antibacterial.
  • If irritation, burn, concerns - stop and contact us.

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Lactic Acid Peel

skin care advanced Vista Clinic

BEST FOR:  aged skin, lack of moisture and excess old skin.

SKIN TYPE:  dry, dull, rough and sun damage skin. Ideal for aging skin

 Lactic (milk) acid is a natural pro-biotic, moisturiser and cleanser of dead skin. 

Usually advised after "training" skin with mandelic acid as a next level up for aging, excessive, dull skin, not prone to rosacea or irritation. 

Regular use prepares skin to better aging, more effecting in-clinic procedures, especially any skin quality treatments. 

No or minimal downtime, visible reduces pores, wrinkles, helps skin health and cell turnover.

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jessner peel


BEST FOR: the strongest peel for home use.

SKIN TYPE: well prepared skin, dull, sun damaged, pigmented.

    • Combination of acids for multi-factorial addressing of different skin problems.
    • Recommended to use after prepared skin and during the winter.
    • Improves smoothness of the skin, pigmentation, scars, pores, inflammation. 
    • Provide a course supply ( 3-4 weeks every 2 weeks or as tolerated).
      Recommended after aesthetician consultation to ensure safety and best plan.

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