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Skin cancer check?

 BEST FOR: concern on skin cancer

  COST: from $150-250

 DOWNTIME: 15-30 min

Australia is a leader in skin cancer in the world. 

The most common cancer among Australians is a skin cancer, therefore self vigilance and regular check ups with doctors are essential.

Stay safe and sun smart!

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Skin cancer types and signs?

Most common skin cancers are BCC, SCC and melanoma with all of them are sun- exposure as a risk factor. 

If any of the skin lesions are growing, bleeding, changing in an unusual way – please, visit your doctor for check up.

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Lighter skin types are more prone to sunburn due to lack of natural protection (pigment of skin). 

Sunburn has few effects on the body – short term inflammation, immune system suppression and pain. Long term effects of sunburn are accumulative (longer you expose yourself to sunburn  all together time). 
Photoaging, skin aging, over pigmentation as well as skin cancer are concequences of sunburns.

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