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 BEST FOR: benign lumps and bumps of different types

  COST: from $150 (depends on location, amount etc)

 DOWNTIME: zero to 3 days

Different skin lesions, lumps, bumps, small papilomas are required to be checked by doctor and then the most appropriate plan of removal will be discussed. Some cases it can be removed as easy as creams, or injections, or laser, or diathermy, etc etc. At Vista Clinic, we have a wide variety of options and machines for the best diagnosis and management. 

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Correction of complications from previous botched job somewhere done?

 BEST FOR: complications after cosmetic or medical procedures

  COST: from $250

 DOWNTIME: zero to 5 days

Treatment of botched job is hard, long and unpredictable, therefore please, be careful to chose a quality injector. Our Vista Complication clinic aim is to help at our best capacity by using our own special dermatologic Ultrasound machine for the most accurate underlying problem diagnostics and guided injections, when needed. 

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 BEST FOR: red dots, vascular lumps

  COST: from $250

 DOWNTIME: zero to 5 days

Red or cherry or vascular spots are common and amount usually increase with age. The most effective options are sclerosing injections or laser machine of green light. 

Doctor will discuss options, pro and cons with you during skin consultation

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