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Skin pores peeling – which one?

 BEST FOR: congested skin, dull

  COST: from $150-350

 DOWNTIME: zero to 5 days

The whole lab of peels (almost 100) of different mixes, concentrations, active ingredients  – this way we can ensure the most appropriate peel for everyone and each problem of the face. 

Downtime and how quickly we work on the problem depends on each individual patient. We can use more superficial peels for more often and patient has no downtime. Or more intensive, but will need few days home to peel off all the old skin (like a snake). 

Important to remember – pores are often a reflection of underlying issue and doctor assessment is recommended to ensure that we don’t miss serious underlying health problems.

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Muscle relaxant injections for skin pores  -so called Mesobotox?

 BEST FOR: excessive oil, acne, rosacea, inflammation, small wrinkles

  COST: from $400

 DOWNTIME: zero to 3 days

Botulinotoxin is being used not just for wrinkles and relaxing muscles in medicine, but also for injections into skin in a mesotherapy pattern. Such technique with nickname “mesobotox” (although there are many more different substances, but that’s the term our patients understand usually). Mechanism of action is not completely clear, but appears to reduce production of excessive oil, relax myofibrils (leads to tightening and improvement of pores and wrinkles) and reduce previous acne scars. 
Doctors will assess personally, but commonly the muscle relaxant medicaiton is being mixed with appropriate other medications – for example, vitamin C if we would like skin brightening and anti pigmentation effect or hyaluronic acid, if skin is oily but dehydrated.  

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Biorevitalisation or mesothreads for skin pores?

 BEST FOR: dehydrated but pores skin

  COST: from $400

 DOWNTIME: 1 to 3 days

Pores are commonly present on dehydrated skin and usage of rich moisturizers can lead to even larger pores diameter and amount. 

Biorevitalisation is an injection of natural moisturizer hyaluronic acid with different active medications. Hydration and better moisture balance with the deep layers of the skin restores more healthy skin functioning and decrease the need of oily overproduction as a compensation mechanism. Therefore pores are smaller. Additionally, needle subcision done around pores who have elements of scar tissue from previous acne. 

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