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Filler for volume replacement?

 BEST FOR: deficient, small chin bone

  COST: from $550

 DOWNTIME: zero to 1 day

Chin provides support for jawline, is important for profile look and overall appearance. Genetically, some people have less bone structure  to create chin, which can be replaced with implant or dermal filler.

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Threadlift for face proportions improvement?

 BEST FOR: drooping down cheeks

  COST: from $1400

 DOWNTIME: zero to 1 day

Drooping sides of the chin can create appearance of relatively small chin and older or tired look. Absorbable threads are safe and fast procedure to return the drooping cheeks up to the temples, restoring V shape of the face and it’s proportions. 

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Lipolytic injections?

 BEST FOR: fat deposits in unwanted places

  COST: from $600

 DOWNTIME: 3-5 days

Drooping down fat deposits can distort desired proportions of the face, creating illusion of small chin, older face, droopy jawline etc. 

Having fat dissolve dissolved with a special cosmetic injections can itself improve appearence of proportions. The lipolytic injections work permanently destroying fat deposits. 

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