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Prescription medications?

 BEST FOR: address particular skin problems

  COST: from $20

 DOWNTIME: zero to 1 week

Individually tailored home skin care is the most preferable for you. Prescription medications are strong, the most effective skin care and skin improvement, but needs to be an addition (not replacement) of skin care routine for a period of time which your cosmetic doctor advised. If any concerns or side effect – please let Vista Clinic know (phone is 0434780 777 or email above). 

Initial stage of prescription skin care commonly associated with down time (redness, peeling off, increased sun sensitivity etc), which are resolving with time.

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Comprehensive skin assessment with an individual plan?

 BEST FOR: everyone

  COST: from $150-350

 DOWNTIME: 15-45 min

Comprehensive skin assessment using diagnostic machines and sometimes revealing underlying health concerns with individual plan of treatments, which commonly include prescription only medications, referrals to other specialists doctors or bloods. 

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Sunscreen of good quality?

 BEST FOR: morning and day time

  COST: from $80


Sunscreens is a must anywhere in the world, but the most – in Australia with our overly strong UV exposure. Good sunscreens ideally protects against UVA and UVB radiation with factor 50+, light texture (not greasy, easy with make up and other skin care), has anti oxidant and hydrating agents to address photoaging.