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Deep skin congestion?

 BEST FOR: deep skin congestion, pigmentation, inflammation

  COST: from $350

 DOWNTIME: zero to 3 days

Smart concept of tiny active fresh water coral particles working under the skin, treating pigmentation, inflammation, clearing the congestion with minimal or no skin damage, therefore barrier function of skin defense is preserved. 

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Pigmentation and sun damaged skin?

 BEST FOR: melasma, sun damage, hormonal changes, aging.

  COST: from $500

 DOWNTIME: zero to 3 days (bruising) 

Biorevitalisaiton is deliver hyaluronic acid and vitamins to the deepest, most active layer of the skin. Besides it, cosmetic doctor adds active ingredients to treat problem precisely – melasma pigmentation removal, inflammation treatment, skin lifting, collagen stimulation and much more. It’s an individually tailored injections into the problematic area.  

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Combination of peelings with skin whitenning and brightening effect?

 BEST FOR: congested, clogged skin +/- superficial pigmentation

  COST: from $250

 DOWNTIME: zero to 3 days

Chemical peels are causing controlled burn of an old, damaged skin, which then peels off. Different chemical peels are also acting differently with additional benefits, therefore at Vista Clinic we use own lab of peelings to tailor the best peel to each area of the face. Such individual approach ensures the best results on skin improvement.

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