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 BEST FOR: weak eyelash follicles, too light or thin eyelashes


  COST: from $550


 DOWNTIME: 1 evening to 3 days


Program of comprehensive care for eyelashes and eyebrows follicles health. Initial assessment following by prescribed home care and a course of the eye area mesotherapy with vitamins, improving health of skin and hair follicles active ingredients. 



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 BEST FOR: medical concerns of eyelashes/brows

  COST: from $150-350

 DOWNTIME: 15-45 min

Eyelashes and eyebrows weakening due to medical conditions requires an assessment of the cause and treatment. Demodex, botched eyelash extensions, inflammation,  allergy, underlying disorders can all cause eyelash and eyebrows problems, which need a proper medical treatment. 
Aging itself also commonly associated with weakening of eyelashes and eyebrows hair follicles. 

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 BEST FOR: deteriorating condition and unexplained weakening of eyelashes 

  COST: from $150-350

 DOWNTIME: 15-45 min

Demodex are tiny ticks associated with eyelashes and brows itch, scaling, inflammation and weakening. 

The infection is chronic and patient gets used to constant irritation of eyelashes – it becomes new “norm”, but the infection weakens eyelashes and patient is seeking help with it. Therefore it is important to be assessed by doctor if you notice your eyelashes or hair follicles are getting deteriorated. 

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