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  • Dark circles, puffiness concentrate
  • Pharmaceuticals grade
  • Concentrated quality actives with no fragrants or toxic additives in glass bottles.
  • 2 months daily program, then 2 months off.
eye area skin brightening and rejuvenation

How to apply?

1/2 pea size of cream apply on a bony part of area around eyes. 
Start with once/day, then increase to twice, up to 4 times/day (for faster results). 

Use for 2 months, then 2 months rest (usual eye and skin care ongoing). 

*Please, stop immediately if developed signs of dermatitis, inflammation or irritation.

What are contraindications? 

Age under 18 years old

Individual hypersensitivity to the concentrate

 Don’t use if broken skin

What are active ingredients? 

Mucopolysaccharide acid ester  – increase production of different types of connective tissue and firming of eyelids skin.

Hyaluronic Acid as hyaluronate sodium for deeper penetration of the medication and hydration balance optimisaiton

Cetyl derivative from coconat oil for surfactant effect of the skin barrier. 

Anhydrous eucerin for advanced repair and regeneration of the skin and vessels. 

GAGs extract of Bos Taurus soft tissues for stimulation of reparation of stronger and healthier microcirculation and veins. 

 Glycerol, purified water, thymol (as a non-toxic preservative, strong smell from it).  

Glass bottles (no plastic). High quality medical grade ingredients imported from pharmaceutical manufacturer in  Switzerland and Australia.



Dark circles under eyes are a common problem often have underlying cause (please, more info below). Ideally treatment should address both the cause of dark circles and the cosmetic part of it. 

Vista Clinic Dark circles eye cream is assisting with re-structuring of blood vessels, tissues and skin health and firmness and “clearing” accumulated over time – the process is taking 2 months. It’s like a “gym” for the area, then we take 2 months off, then patient can re-start the treatment again. 

In more advanced cases, combination with in-clinic procedures (fillers, laser, Radiofrequency etc) with the home care (the dark circles concentrate and possible peels) works the best. 

Effect – skin is firmer, lighter, more hydrated and “healthy” looking. 

Precaution:  should stop using if any irritation or dermatitis occurred. Although rare, but hypersensitivity/allergy possible and need to stop. 

What is the research behind the cream?  

Radiochemical study of absorption demonstrated 4% absorption and pharmacodynamic study shown suppression of hyaluronidase (therefore increase natural hyaluronic acid in skin and soft tissues), urokinase activity (dissolving current micro-clots, congestion and accumulated “trash” toxins over time),  inhibition of PGE2 factors (therefore less swelling and inflammation) and LTB4 production. 

eyelids rejuvenation lightening
dark circle effective medical treatment