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It is a common concern. “Looking tired although feeling well”, as our VISTA clinic patients describe them. The cause of dark circles or hollowness under the eyes is reduction of fat pads. Lost volume can be restored with dermal fillers based on hyaluronic acid. Also, skin lightening treatments is usually a good adjustment to the procedure.

VISTA clinic uses special technique to minimise bruising under 5% for this procedure. Comprehensive training, years of experience and leading experts in the industry ensure best possible result for patients, as we as safety of fillers in such dangerous and delicate area.

For the best dark circles under eyes treatment in Melbourne, book your consultation at our VISTA clinic.

Why do I have dark circles around eyes?

The development of dark circles under the eyes at any age is of great aesthetic concern because it may depict the individual as sad, tired, stressed, or old.  The periorbital area is one of the first facial regions to show the signs of aging. Even minor changes in its volume or structure can distort the perceived emotions and health of patients, possibly diminishing their confidence and well-being. The etiology of peri orbital hyperpigmentation (darkness around eyes) is multifactorial. It may be indicative of an underlying systemic disease (eg, Addison disease), an allergic reaction, nutritional deficiency, excessive sun exposure, coffee overuse, or sleep disturbance. There is also most likely a familial component as this condition is often seen in family members over generations. Because of the complexity of its pathogenesis, various treatments are available for dark circles around eyes.

tear troughs filler

, One of the most challenging area in facial rejuvenation is lower eyelid. Dark circles, puffy eyes and
eye bags can give anyone a fatigued appearance despite of adequate rest and regular applications of
cosmetic products. But no everyone know that you can get rid of annoying tear troughs just after
one visit to a cosmetic physician. 

What is a tear trough?

Loss of facial fat under-eye area caused by aging, genetic anatomical predisposition, lack of sleep or
stress results in the deficiency of support for the skin; deep dark-looking fold appears. That is
normally called a tear trough.

Could the problem solve itself?

Unfortunately, no. Loss of fat tissue is irreversible process. As soon as it’s gone, it’s gone forever.

What are the options to treat the area?

The most popular treatment for tear trough is a dermal filler because of quick and long-lasting
results. A small amount of filler is injected into the depressed area just above the bone. Very often
cheek fat is also involved in the process so both pads should be reasonably treated together. In this
case the amount of dermal filler will be between 1-2 ml.
Another option what can give you semi-permanent results is lipofilling. Patient’s own fat is taken
from the area with a greater storage of adipocytes such as love handles, tummy or buttocks during
liposuction then injected into cheeks and tear trough using sterile syringes. The results may last up
to 5-10 years but it’s important to know that is a surgical procedure, risk and complications are
Some other techniques such as anti-wrinkle injections, threadlifting, PRP and mesotherapy can be
recommended depends on the skin condition and severity of fat loss.

When can I see the difference?

When a dermal filler is used the results appear immediately and after a short recovery time (around
1-5 days) you can see the best outcomes.

Is it dangerous?

Tear trough is an area of face with a higher risk of complications. Great knowledge of face anatomy
and doctor’s experience are essential for a correct and safe treatment.

How long the results last?

It depends if underlying cause is treated (like Iron deficiency or sinus problems or insomnia etc) . Most common – genetic type – varies a lot. If you would be living on an idea tropical island with perfect nutrition, no stress and plenty of sleep – the results are expected to last 9-12 months. Usually depends 1st time it requires 3 treatments – app 1-2 months apart – then maintenance when you need, depends on your lifestyle. A combination with other techniques such as PRP or
microneedling can significantly increase the time.

How much does it cost?
Great news is even a small amount of filler can do a big difference, but requires to be done over few sessions. 
More information about costs you can find here 

What should I do after the treatment?

 Don’t heat the treated area for 24 hours
 Don’t use any makeup products for 24 hours or mineral makeup for 12 hours
 Avoid sleeping face down for at least 2 weeks after the procedure
 Use sunscreen and sunglasses
 Do not massage the area

Are there any contraindications?

Like for any cosmetic injectables contraindications are
 Acute or chronic infections
 Cancer or chemotherapy
 Pregnancy and breast feeding
 Some medications (please, consult with a registered medical practitioner)