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Day 1-3

Avoid anything which makes you sweat excessively (intense exercises, sauna, sunbath and other activities)

avoid alcohol (a little is ok)

avoid intense movement of the treated area (i.e., if lips – avoid intense kisses, whistling etc).

avoid skin care with AHA, BHA, retinoids (vitamin A)

Gently massage the treated areas at home over a clean cloth to smooth away any lumpiness.

If pain is increasing over time, unusual skin color, rash or other concern – let us know (email vistaclinicau@gmail.com)

Day 3-14

swelling is improving at this stage, bruising (if it was any) is also improving.

Avoid intensive massage, waxing, IPL, lasers, peels.

Day 14+

Continue to apply soothing cream with SPF 50 + which doctor recommended to prevent sun damage, skin aging and ensure filler longevity.

We recommend to continue with your next procedures not earlier than Day 14, when filler is settled and firm.
Review after Day 14 is usually advised.

8 months – 1 year

COnsideration to repeat the treatment.

Depends on area treated and person’s metabolism, filler lasts from 6 months to 3 years.

After clinically most of filler is disappeared, there is still some filler left usually and re-treatment on time will provide better result with smaller amount.
Patients advised do not do too much at once, but rather maintain their beauty regularly with their cosmetic physician.

Please, feel free to contact VISTA clinic Australia for doctor’s review, if you are concerned.

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