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VISTA Clinic Australia is proud of an Award winning, special interest of dermal filler treatments to replace lost volume caused by aging or genetic shape of the face, reduce visible depressions and underlying bones irregularities, elevate tip and base of the nose, straighten dorsum of the nose, improve cheek shape and size, lift face, correct chin and correct defects.

Dermal filler is has been used for the treatment of the following areas:

  • eyes – dark circles, hollow area around eyes
  • under eyes area or tear troughs
  • nose drop, nose lift and nose strengthening
  • cheeks and midface
  • non surgical face lift by filler injections on lifting points
  • chin shape and length
  • lips volume, lift, asymmetry, wrinkles
  • ears wrinkles
  • jawline shape
  • temples
  • empty middle face
  • nipple re-shape
  • vaginal and labia majora and minora filler enhancement

You may be surprised, but dermal fillers are also used in intimate areas for cosmetics, mainly for vaginal and G spot augmentation. Our experienced female doctor with a special training in women’s health can explain you all options for genital treatments.

Dermal fillers can treat:

  • cheek shape
  • face aging
  • face lift ( liquid facelift )
  • cheek size
  • wrinkles improvement


Types of dermal fillers (please, note – for information only. Dermal fillers are doctor – prescription medication and doctor will discuss with you the most appropriate choice)

  • Hyaluronic acid – most common
  • Calcium Hydroxyl apatite suspended in gel – Radiesse
  • Synthetic Polylactic Acid – Sculptra
  • Autologous (fat)
  • Implants Gorotex/Alloderm
  • Collagen
  • Silicone

    Hyaluronic acid based fillers are the most commonly filler due to less long term complications, antidote called hyalase, which is able to melt the filler within few seconds

  • Natural polysaccharide
  • In all tissues of body
  • Amount decreases with age
  • Very hydrophyllic (swalen next day)
  • ½ life is 24 hours if non-stabilized

    Functions of hyaluronic acid in the body: 

  • Structural integrity of tissues
  • Protection
  • Water balance
  • Joint and soft tissue lubrication
  • Transport of nutrients
  • Cell mobility and proliferation
  • Tissue growth and wound repair

    What dermal filler to choose?

    Depends on what needs to be achieved. For more superficial skin layers we chose more smooth, easily spreadable, elastic ( low G prime) filler to make it more natural. For more vertical projection cosmetic doctor will choose more dense, more cohesive filler – usually such fillers are placed deeper and most commonly for lifting points of the face. The most important characteristics of dermal fillers used by cosmetic doctors are :

  • Elasticity (ability to keep it’s shape and recover to original shape in case of deformation); and

  • cohesivity ( how dense is cross link of hyaluronic acid and how concentrated it is in the dermal filler. It reflects ability to hold a vertical projection). 


 Dermal filler is based on hyaluronic acid

Filler cosmetic injections around eye area are common for rejuvenation of lost with age volumes. Dermal fillers are based on a natural moisturising ingredient, hyaluronic acid, which all our body tissues contain and which we loose as we age. Hyaluronic acid is stabilized by a special cross-linking process of it’s molecules to ensure that filler lasts longer.

Around eye area, hyaluronic acid fillers are used to fill in eye wrinkles, lift up eyebrows, provide support for drooping lower eyelids, mask eyebags, fill in upper eyelids hollow areas, tear troughts.

Eye filler is a lunchtime procedure, well tolerated, although our cosmetic doctors at the Melbourne cosmetic clinic often use numbing cream for additional pain relief. Tear trough filler effect usually lasts 6-8, up to 12 months.

Cosmetic injections around eyes are considered advanced level of filler injections. Most common side effect is bruising (around every 5th patient), which can be masked by concealer make up. There are possible more serious complications, which VISTA Clinic Australia cosmetic doctor in Melbourne will discus with you during free cosmetic consult.

Are their possible complications of eye filler augmentation?

Tear Troughs or eye area filler augmentation is one of the most advanced areas for filler injections, where even experienced doctors are careful or reluctant to inject. Vista Clinic Melbourne cosmetic clinic invested into an additional training and careful technique. Possible complications include immediate and possibly dangerous like blindness or blood vessel occlusion (never happened at Vista Clinic or with any of our doctors. In fact, all such serious complications occurred in hands of poorly trained professionals, while we are waiting for regulators to introduce safe regulation of cosmetic injections for our community). More often complication can be associated with infection (again, never happened in our clinic as aseptic technique and hygiene is strictly followed at Vista Clinic Australia), bruising, lumpiness, herniation. In most cases when Dr Miller or other doctors at Vista Clinic Australia had to correct bad cosmetic results from somewhere else, delayed lumpiness and herniation were due to not adequate patient selection – likely, due to lack of training of injectors. 

Good news are that hyaluronic acid based fillers have immediate antidote, dissolving the filler within few seconds. 

Please, always seek appropriately trained and officially operated cosmetic injectors. Due to high incidence of counterfeit fillers injected by dodgy operators, Vista Clinic Australia do not accept such patients for correction.  We don’t know what substances was used and how it might react. Please, seek help of plastic surgeons or dermatologists, who are specializing on such area. 
Vista Clinic Australia happy to accept patients for correction of bad results from official cosmetic injectors.


It is a common concern. “Looking tired although feeling well”, as our VISTA clinic patients describe them. The cause of dark circles or hollowness under the eyes is reduction of fat pads. Lost volume can be restored with dermal fillers based on hyaluronic acid. Also, skin lightening treatments is usually a good adjustment to the procedure.

VISTA clinic uses special technique to minimise bruising under 5% for this procedure. Comprehensive training, years of experience and leading experts in the industry ensure best possible result for patients, as we as safety of fillers in such dangerous and delicate area.

One of the most challenging area in facial rejuvenation is lower eyelid. Dark circles, puffy eyes and eye bags can give anyone a fatigued appearance despite of adequate rest and regular applications of cosmetic products. But no everyone know that you can get rid of annoying tear troughs just after one visit to a cosmetic physician.


What is a tear trough?

Loss of facial fat under-eye area caused by aging, genetic anatomical predisposition, lack of sleep or stress results in the deficiency of support for the skin; deep dark-looking fold appears. That is normally called a tear trough.

Could the problem solve itself?

Unfortunately, no. Loss of fat tissue is irreversible process. As soon as it’s gone, it’s gone forever.

What are the options to treat the area?

The most popular treatment for tear trough is a dermal filler because of quick and long-lasting results. A small amount of filler is injected into the depressed area just above the bone. Very often cheek fat is also involved in the process so both pads should be reasonably treated together. In this case the amount of dermal filler will be between 1-2 ml.
Another option what can give you semi-permanent results is lipofilling. Patient’s own fat is taken from the area with a greater storage of adipocytes such as love handles, tummy or buttocks during liposuction then injected into cheeks and tear trough using sterile syringes. The results may last up to 5-10 years but it’s important to know that is a surgical procedure, risk and complications are involved.
Some other techniques such as anti-wrinkle injections, threadlifting, PRP and mesotherapy can be recommended depends on the skin condition and severity of fat loss.

When can I see the difference?

When a dermal filler is used the results appear immediately and after a short recovery time (around 1-5 days) you can see the best outcomes.

Is it dangerous?

Tear trough is an area of face with a higher risk of complications. Great knowledge of face anatomy and doctor’s experience are essential for a correct and safe treatment.

How long the results last?

The results normally last up to 9-12 months. A combination with other techniques such as PRP or
microneedling can significantly increase the time.

Are there any contraindications?

Like for any cosmetic injectables contraindications are

  • Acute or chronic infections
  • Cancer or chemotherapy
  • Pregnancy and breast feeding
  • Some medications (please consult a registered medical practitioner)

How much does it cost?

Great news is even a small amount of filler can do a big difference. The treatment starts with 0.5 ml of dermal filler which would cost around $299, if in the cheeks to provide support, and $600 if tear troughs are being treated.

What should I do after the treatment?

  • Don’t heat the treated area for 24 hours
  • Don’t use any makeup products for 24 hours or mineral makeup for 12 hours
  • Avoid sleeping face down for at least 2 weeks after the procedure
  • Use sunscreen and sunglasses
    Do not massage the area


Are there any options for forehead and glabella lines without anti wrinkle injections?

Dermal filler works great in case of visible depressions and underlying bones irregularities, but such injections are considered the most advanced level of injecting and ideal knowledge of anatomy. It is recommended only for doctors to approach such areas with fillers. Results are amazing, filler in the area lasts longer than in more mobile areas – around 1 year or more. 

With growth of natural healing trends, cosmetic doctors at VISTA Clinic Australia receive such requests more and more often. There are number of “natural” alternatives and most popular are subcision (permanent wrinkles release) with collagen stimulating mesotherapy (cocktail of natural moisturizer  – hyaluronic acid – and vitamins).


Elevation of tip of the nose

Problem: Tip of the nose is hanging down.

Can be due to aging and/or genetically determined overly active muscle, pulling down the tip of the nose  (this muscle called depressor septi nasi).

Procedure: Can be done by filler at the basement of the nose, replacing the resorbed with age bone and providing “basement” support for the nose.

Other options include a muscle relaxant injection to weaken the muscle, pulling nose tip down, and thread lift (absorbable suture material) to re-shape the nose.

VISTA Clinic Australia cosmetic doctor can also enhance action of other muscles, which lift nose up. Such approach particularly useful for  people, whose nose tip hanging is worse when person is talking.

Elevation of base of the nose 

Profile nose angle from 90 to 130 degrees is a golden ratio standard and what patients at VISTA Clinic Australia commonly desire. Dr Larissa Miller learnt the technique at the anatomy lab of the  famous Medical School of Paris –  University Descartes Paris. Dermal filler is being injected under the base of the nose to re-built lost with age underlying maxilar bone. Usually the procedure is well combined with muscle relaxant injection to weaken all muscles which pull the nose down.

Straightening dorsum of the nose 

Popular procedure. Dermal filler is used to sculpture straight nose. The area is highly vascularised and has high tension of tissues, therefore doctor will likely use step by step approach. Correct as much as safe at 1st procedure (most of patients it’s enough).  If you wish to continue, we will let filler material settle within 2-4 weeks, and then inject more for correction.

The procedure is usually well tolerated, under local cream.

Nose doesn’t look bigger as very small amounts of dermal filler in precise areas placed.

It is always a possibility to dissolve filler within few seconds.


Why cheeks? I only concern of nasolabial folds and jawline. 

Cheeks are the basement of the face, holding up tissues from drooping down. When we were young, our skin and fat pads (sometimes called “cheek apples”) are nice and high, providing support to skin under eyes and preventing prolapse. As time passes, these “apples” dropping from under eyes to nasolabials, then pulling down corners of the mouth and hanging over jawline. The “triangle of youth” is being reversed with age with more tissues in lower face and less on cheeks. At our Melbourne cosmetic center, doctors often treat cheeks and midface zones. 

If we want to fix a face drooping problem, we need to approach the cause of it. Instead of putting more filler into lower face  ( nasolabial folds ), where it’s already too much skin dropped, your cosmetic doctor will put filler in cheeks, which elevates and visually restores youthful proportions. Melbourne women prefer natural look and that’s exact philosophy of VISTA Clinic Australia. 

It’s like building a house- you start with a basement, which is longest and hardest work, but it needs to be done. Same with aging face – we start with lifting points on cheeks and restoration of yourthful face shape. Cosmetic face rejuvenation is the same. 

Surely our Melbourne patients will be pleased to learn that the additional benefit of cheeks cosmetic injections  (besides non surgical facelift) is that cheek fillers  make women’s face to appear less tired, happier, fresher. After cosmetic injections of filler, the effect is similar to when you smile, and  of course to improve wrinkles.

How many ml of filler needed?

Filler is a medical sculpturing material in hands of experienced medical doctor, therefore amount is determined by age and degree of prolapse and/of deficit, depletion.

Usually people who maintain their health and cosmetic grooming regularly and well, need less.


As a general estimation, more advanced age – more filler required for visible improvement.

Please, keep in mind that we always making sure you look natural and not visible if job is done – more fresh look only. VISTA Clinic Australia approach is to start with minimal amount of filler, let it settle, then you can always top up, if you want.

You can book consult with our experienced cosmetic doctor in Melbourne Bentleigh, Malvern, Brighton, Elwood, St Kilda, Moorabin, Caufield areas.


How long does filler last?

Filler lasts long (8 months – 1.5 years), therefore majority of our patients find it more natural result and easier fro budget to return every months or few months and add on more filler rather than do everything at once. Melbourne cosmetic clinics offer different longevity of fillers because in Australia we can’t advertise brand names of prescription only by doctor medication, such as dermal fillers. There are different types of filler – some are very mild, soft and last only few weeks, most of them last 8-12 months, and some fillers last up to 3 years. 

On the other hand, firm, long lasting fillers are good for deeper strictures of the aging face. They are popular at our Melbourne cosmetic clinic with patients specifically asking for volume fillers. Such fillers replace bones, which we loose with age. Long lasting dermal filler provide s very good lifting capacity, but would be too lumpy or protruding if placed too superficially or in highly mobile area like lips augmentation and around mouth area.

Volume fillers usually prescribed by your Melbourne cosmetic doctor for cheeks, chin, jaw line, temples augmentation, but it can be also used in combination with soft dermal fillers in different areas. Dermal fillers with high G prime (volume, firm fillers) provide structure, and soft fillers contour thinning lips, lift eyebrows, tear troughs and other face indications.

Approximate dermal filler estimate:

20-30s  –  0.5-1.5 ml

30-40s  –  0.5 -2ml

40-50s –  1 -4 ml

50-60s  – 2-8 ml

*your cosmetic doctor in Melbourne clinic will discuss with you the best treatment and filler for you

Is filler painful?

Usually filler is well tolerated without need in pain relief.

Melbourne cosmetic doctors use  a strong topical numbing cream. Dermal filler contains anaesthetic also. VISTA Clinic Australia usually advises to arrive 15-30 min earlier your appointment to allow enough time for anesthetic to work.

What are the costs?

Starts from $250 for 0.5 ml.

$449/ml of hyaluronic acid dermal filler, which lasts 9 month- 1.3 years.
If need more lift and volume, 1 ml costs $559, but it also lasts longer.

Under eye area (tear trough) is commonly needed with cheek augmentation. It is a high skill area, performed by minority of practitioners, therefore it is more expensive.
Total estimation,  most patients pay $250  – $1100 all together.
More information you can find at our cost page.

You can discuss most suitable for you dermal filler with your cosmetic doctor in Melbourne cosmetic clinic.

Hyaluronic acid fillers which are soft are usually used more superficially, under eyes, to fill in wrinkles. They are quite natural and easily moldable in appearance, provide good hydration of the skin, but they last not too long.

VISTA Clinic Australia usually advises you to book your next appointment after you have seen your cosmetic doctor, so, you can choose the day and time most convenient for you.


non surgical procedure at doctor’s office



Cosmetic doctor can use any of those or combination of facelift treatments: 

  • Dermal fillers injections of hyaluronic acid (lasting 6 months – 1.5 years) to create volume in a right places and refresh wrinles.
  • Firm dermal fillers to create mild face lifting effect. Longer lasting material, similar to patient’ bone materials.
  • Muscle relaxant (anti wrinkle injections), targeted to relax muscles, which are pulling down your face structures. Cosmetic doctor injects muscle relaxant injections with care and in small amounts to ensure natural mild results and safety. As a result,  overall balance of face tissues is lifted up.
  • Mesotherapy to make loosen skin tighter and healthier, providing overall lifting effect.

What is the most common non surgical facelift treatment at VISTA Clinic Australia Melbourne Clinic? 

Principles on nonsurgical facelift are to decrease what is pulling down and enhance what is lifting up. Best facelift depends on each and every individual situation, which cosmetic doctor at VISTA Clinic Australia Melbourne will discuss during consultation.

Generalizing cosmetic trends:

1. Lunchtime facelift with no or minimal downtime: Dr Miller peel + anti-wrinkle injections + filler. This is the maintenance recommended every few months for our VISTA Clinic Melbourne patients.

2. Combination of permanent fat dissolving injections into lower face (double chin, sagging cheeks) + threadlift (under local) of excessive sagging skin with wrinkles subcision + filler to enhance lift points. Sometimes may be amended by Plasma pen for tightening of skin around eyes and mouth. More downtime, when restoring from the scratch, may need few procedures. Most patients prefer to do all downtime procedures in 1 go and then just maintaining their appearance by regular cosmetic doctor visits.

What are options for cosmetic non surgical face lift?

There are many modalities available in modern cosmetic physician hands (we are still not magicians, but getting there). All options are for educational purposes only – VISTA Clinic Melbourne experienced physician will discuss best treatments for your individual face. We are trained to do all cosmetic procedures legal in Australia, therefore you can be sure in the best treatment plan.

  • Chemical peels to address sagging skin, pores, age spots and other concerns. Skin tightening will create mild facelift.
  • Threads which is a strongest for lift up face skin. Modern threads are safe and effective
  • Wrinkle subcision is also called “cheap facelift” – by eliminating wrinkles of central face, the fresh look is achieved.
  • Fat dissolving of lower face will provide facelift by shifting balance of the face up (no fat weight is dragging face down).
  • Plasma skin tightening device by contraction of collagen and sublimation of face tissues
  • Mono threads  by building stronger and thicker collagen threads along the thinning skin areas with wrinkles. Creates carcass of the skin architecture.

The process of non surgical lift can be not as dramatic and fast, but without many risks or downtime, like with peels and biorevitalisation/ Some procedures have more downtime, but more permanent and visual effect, like wrinkles subcision. 



Chin is a central part of the face and plays significant role in overall appearance of the face. 

In case of cosmetic defects, it is difficult to hide with make up or hair style. At Vista Clinic Australia, we have treated patients, whose quality of life was significantly affected by chin scars, dumping or other problems. People avoid going out or having relationship and psychologically struggling a lot.

It is important to know that there are a lot of options available to help in the modern cosmetic medicine. You don’t have to suffer in silence or go through expensive and significant plastic surgery.

To name the few non-surgical chin correction options, are French subcision (or separation), dermal filler augmentation, muscle relaxant injections, threadlifting and thread reshaping, fat dissolving injection, minor liposuction.

In this case, the patient had traumatic deformation of the chin, causing significant changes. The patient had no downtime, despite the bruising caused by the French subcision technique (bruising is a common complication of the procedure, but such controlled trauma actually is good as release growth factors and enhance regeneration). Such bruising easily covered with make up .

Combination of dermal filler containing hyaluronic acid (natural moisuriser) and the defect release by subcision created immediate improvement. However, for stable results, up to 3 procedures are recommended.

Filler lasts approximately 1 year and subcision is permanent.


Sometimes on a background of close to perfect face, the chin is out of proportions small in relation to the rest of the face.

This is easily correctable with strong dermal filler with a lifting potential.

Experienced cosmetic doctor will sculpture shape of chin in according to the proportions of your face.

Cosmetic injections is a combination of medicine and art, therefore it is important to choose experienced doctor, who can show you their own before and after. Make sure that your philosophy of beauty is similar with your cosmetic practitioner.

In the worst case scenario, if you are not satisfied with the aesthetic appearance, the filler can be dissolved with antidote within few seconds. VISTA Clinic Australia doctors have experience with correction of results from somewhere else, although it’s much easier to do a good job in the first place.



Most of VISTA Clinic Australia patients prefer subtle and natural look. Slight improvement with injectable fillers, then let the filler settle, then decide if top up again.

Small chin is most commonly due to genetic predisposition. It is commonly associated with not clear jaw line and sometimes even double chin even in not overweight individuals.

Our body naturally tend to keep balance, therefore changing balance from a small chin to a larger, more define chin, it is important to go step by step. Initially VISTA Clinic Australia cosmetic doctor will improve your chin to certain degree only.

Filler is  a gel structure, but in approximately 2 weeks filler becomes more firm, solid structure. That’s time for the next correction, if needed. Initial filler is already firm and will be a basement for the next layer of the filler.

Such approach ensures longer lasting filler, more natural results, and less amount of filler (= cheaper overall cost for patient).


Face prolapses down with age, disturbing jaw line and creating nasolabial and marionette folds.

Such changes make women look sad or tired, although they are not.

There are a lot of cosmetic techniques in modern medicine to lift up and make face look younger, fresher and happier.

Before you decide to go to surgical facelift, please, consider all options with minimally invasive cosmetic procedures. Minimal risks, no and short downtime. Experienced, fellow of Australiasian College of Aesthetic medicine, expert in cosmetic field will help you with individual treatment plan.

Some of the options include:

And much more.


  1. Dr Miller peeling
  2. 1ml filler lips, perioral lines and liquid face lift

  Before and immediately after. Refreshed with fillers. Results last 8-14 months.


Before and after


  1. Peelings x5
  2. Biorevitalisation x3
  3. Mesob*tox technique
  4. Filler


  1. Dr Miller peeling
  2. Filler – micro threads thechnique, 2ml


  1. Dr Miller peeling
  2. 1ml filler lips, perioral lines and liquid face lift


*art of cosmetic doctor at VISTA Clinic Australia (hands of Dr Larissa Miller)

Different styles – every face needs individual approach and what you consider to be most suitable. 

Improvement of vertical lines/wrinkles of lips

As we age or under adverse environmental factors, food sensitivity and other factors, our lips become dryer, have more minor wrinkles around and in the lips body and corners of the mouth. Speaking literally, our lips used to be grapes, but slowly turning into sultanas.

Hyaluronic acid is a natural moisturizer molecule, which we run out of as we age in all tissues of our body. Dermal filler used for lips contain this hyaluronic acid, therefore commonly patients notice less dry, more color and rejuvenated appearance of lips.

Your cosmetic doctor will discuss with you what results you would prefer to achieve and what would be the best options for your individual face. 

What injection techniques are used for lip injections?

As lip injections are a true art and one of major specializations of Vista Clinic, we use different types of fillers and techniques to achieve the best aesthetic outcome. More experienced and well trained your cosmetic doctor is – more tools the doctor has in their range to help with the best option for you.

  • Anterograde
  • Retrograde
  • Depot
  • Serial puncture
  • Fanning
  • Cross hatching
  • Grid
  • Ferning
  • Cannulas

Improvement of lips and area around in harmony

It is important to ensure the natural results. More youthful lips on a background of wrinkles around might create so called “effect of new wheels on an old car”. Although in most young patients it is not obvious, most of our VISTA Clinic Australia patients prefer harmony in improvement.

Lips are aesthetically connected to the appearance of nasolabial folds, Marionette’ lines and vertical lines/wrinkles around the mouth.

This patient had few minor injections on lips and around lips, all together only 1 ml, but the whole lower face looks more natural and rejuvenated.

Lips are most sensetive to pain. What is the strongest anaestetic techniuque to make lip filler pain free procedure? 

Regional (dental) block  – V2 +/- V3 branches of the infraorbital and mental nerves.


No effect on area under nose – most painful

When more sensetive to pain from lip filler injections? 

Pain more sensitive with caffeine intake, lack of sleep, hormonal variations, stress


*philosophy of VISTA Clinic Australia is natural lips

If patient prefers bigger lips and our cosmetic doctor agrees that it would suit the face proportions,  we can make lips larger.


soften wrinkles and lines, corners of the mouth up, general more fresh lips. 

It is  art in creating (and perhaps sculpturing) beautiful, youthful and natural lips. Like patients describing “kissable” or “sexy” looking lips, but it actually is about being best version of yourself by enhancing your natural lips.

How the injection is performed?

Lips are sensitive, therefore strong (prescription only grade) anaesthetic cream is applied. In case if pain is still a concern, dental block with local anaesthetic (similar to the one when you go to dentist to treat your teeth).

How long does it take?

Usually the treatment takes 15-30 minutes all together with consultation.

How to decrease pain from cosmetic injections of dermal filler?

-Deep breath in when inserting needle

-tap the cheek to “fool the brain”

-Distract (videos/music on background)

-Avoid peri-menstrual period or times of stress


-Vibration devices

– strong anaesthetic cream 20 min before procedure

– dermal filler contains numbing agent.

What is the cost?

Cost may vary depending of volume and patient wish to correct “tired” or “looking sad” appearance around the lips, “smoker’s lines” (vertical lip lines or wrinkles around) and nasolabial folds.
In average, for lips and peri-oral area injections 1 or 2 ml of filler are used.

For more information, please, refer to cost price page

How long does it last?

Typically from 6-12 months, but there are individual variations.

What filler is the best?

Australian Therapeutic Administration regulates that prescription only drugs (including fillers) can’t be used in advertising.  Our clinic set up high quality standards and only European leading pharma companies fillers, registered in Australia and supplied from official distributors are used.

Main ingredient is a natural moisturiser, found in skin and other body parts, which we loose with aging process. It is similar to hyaluronic acid, which you probably use in your moisturiser serums at home).

Similar fillers been used in medicine for many years for injections into joints, eyes etc. We use such high quality products.  

What are contraindications for dermal fillers? 

  • Pregnancy and breastfeeding
  • Active skin infections (Herpes etc)
  • Skin Cancer
  • Unrealistic expectations
  • Autoimmune conditions (lupus etc)
  • Skin resurfacing/peeling in the last 6 weeks
  • Previous hypersensitivity to HA
  • Roaccutane in previous 12 months
  • Systemic illness (angina, HepC, HIV, DM, epilepsy)
  • Mental health disorder (de-compensated)
  • Medications (asperin, warfarin, steroids)
  • Needle phobia
  • Keloid or hypertrophic scarring