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Dr Miller' GLOW - Light&Concentrated Cream

the best skin care professional

infusion with moisture, vitamins and actives is a basement of any skin.


  • “Glow” was the most common feedback after 1 month of use twice/day, as per our research.
  • Free from harmful ingredients, including lanolin and petroleum derived products. Therefore it can be used for dry, sensitive or oily skin and few times/day
  • Purely vegetable derived
  • Lightweight formula for optimum comfort *Leaves skin feeling velvety soft, without an oily residue.

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Soothing Irritation Intense Re-hydration Cream

zinc calomine medical cream

BEST FOR:  dehydrated sensitive skin with redness, inflammation 

SKIN TYPE:  dry, after burn. 

A combination of active ingredients for soothing and calming skin, infusing it with hydration without irritative ingredients and using liposomes for absorption.

Best suits for DEHYDRATED & SENSITIVE SKIN. Safe to use and good for rosacea, redness, sensitive skin, acne, post cosmetic treatments (like laser, peelings), in combination with an intensive therapy (like vitamin A), for eczema prone skin. 

Contains zinc, calamine, deep hydrating medical ingredients etc. Is used for kids, skin with eczema – safe.

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Intense Rehydration Medical Pro

moisturizer lux skin care

BEST FOR: dehydrated, dry skin.

SKIN TYPE: dry, eczema, dehydrated skin

    • Free of fragrances, lanolin, paraben and other potentially harmful or irritating substances
    • Long lasting hydration
    • Smoothen and restore water-lipid balance with retaining of the water and boosting skin own regeneration.
    • Improves health of the skin.
      Listen to your skin – how much it wants to “drink”.  You can apply liberally as often as needed. Most patients prefer daily

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