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Eyelids Rejuvenation Protocol

Designed to address the eyelids aging process + the most natural looking, comprehensive rejuvenation.

eyes treatement

 Eye aging process

  • Bone decreases
  • Supporting structures (fascia, ligaments) prolapses down
  • Muscle which pull down overactivated
  • Fat redistributed – less in upper face, more in lower face

Eye area is very gentle and dangerous therefore rejuvenation is a slow process, step by step. Similar like you going to gym, we gradually re-stretch and re-shape your eye area with non-surgical procedures. More advanced situation and age – longer it will take. 


3 visits to clinic 3 – 4 weeks apart + Prescription skin care at home: 

1st and 2nd Visit we do: 
0.5 ml filler lifting and supporting points to replace aging/deficient bone  
+ Eyelids Biorevitalisation injections

+ Secret Duo Radiofrequency microneedling injections + Erbium Glass Lux Laser Treatment

3rd Visit  – as above + muscle relaxant injections (foxy eyes or anti-wrinkle technique) 

*Very important to use exact medications prescribed by doctor for home care. It works in synergy with clinic procedures. 


All research shown that such procedures should be done as a 3 (although some improvement will be seen after 1st) therefore protocol & cost is for all 3 visits and is on special for $2500 ( + $190 for home skin care, but it’s 4 months supply).  
Usual price would be $3550 + home skin care costs
* Additional 20% off if consent for before/after for Dr Miller to present in Congress in Paris. 

RF 64 needlies with Lux (Erbium Glass) Laser – for skin tightening and “snatched” look

RF needling is very different and much superior to the normal needling. The mechanism by which RF needling works is through two aspects of trauma.

The first is by creating micro injuries in the skin by the needles penetrating it. Second aspect of trauma is when the RF is released through the needles. This causes heating of the tissue and further compliments the process of skin tightening and rejuvenation and scar reduction.

The depth that the needles go to is adjusted according to the facial area and the specific skin concerns and therefore the treatment can be tailored to individual patients.


Once the skin is penetrated by the needles producing injury, it initiates a complex cascade of reactions by the body on a microscopic level, activating growth cells that migrate towards the site of injury and start the process of healing and remodelling by producing collagen and elastin. This gives your skin a more youthful and brighter tone.



Dermal filler based on hyaluronic acid (special filler only used and designed for eyes only)

Filler cosmetic injections around eye area are common for rejuvenation of lost volume with age. Dermal fillers are based on a natural moisturising ingredient, hyaluronic acid, which all our body tissues contain and which we loose as we age. Hyaluronic acid is stabilized by a special cross-linking process of it’s molecules to ensure that filler lasts longer.

Around eye area, hyaluronic acid fillers are used to fill in eye wrinkles, lift up eyebrows, provide support for drooping lower eyelids, mask eyebags, fill in upper eyelids hollow areas and tear troughs.

Eye filler is a lunchtime procedure, well tolerated, although our cosmetic doctors at the Melbourne cosmetic clinic often use numbing cream for additional pain relief. Tear trough filler effect usually lasts 6-8, up to 12 months.

Cosmetic injections around eyes are considered advanced level of filler injections. Most common side effect is bruising (around every 5th patient), which can be masked by concealer make up. There are possible more serious complications, which VISTA Clinic Australia cosmetic doctor in Melbourne will discus with you during free cosmetic consult ( you can book online or call us).


Eyelid skin is thin and getting thinner, less elastic, loose and wrinkles with age. Less ingredients are delivered via micro circulation blood vessels to “build” stronger eyelids skin. Biorevitalisation (or skin booster) is delivery of natural moisturiser in the most organic form of non- crosslinked hyaluronic acid mixed with peptides and vitamins via multiple injections, creating a depo of “bricks”, from which your eyelid skin will be built. Fine cosmetic injections are perceived by your body as trauma and growth factors stimulate regeneration of eyelid skin. The active prescription only medications are injected inside the skin, to the most metabolically active layer.

VISTA Clinic Australia cosmetic doctor, Dr Larissa Miller, is a trainer and presenter for biorevitalisation. More info can be seen here.

Skin will have glowing, lighter and rejuvenated and uplifting appearance. Similar to what you achieve with make up highlighter of the area. After 3rd procedure – lifting is even more. 3 procedures, lasts 1 year.