Non surgical blepharoplasty and crows feet injections

Art of face injections is tailored by years of experience. Muscles of face are working in coordination with each other, moving fat pads into certain directions, and muscles are overlapping each other. Therefore it is important to choose experienced expert in injections with excellent knowledge of anatomy, comprehensive training and skills to manage injections complications.

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Treatment options:

It is central of face and therefore treatment of such wrinkles will give nice refreshed and more friendly look. Both females and men find such refreshed and smooth appearance beneficial.

  • Muscle relaxant anti-wrinkle injection

Lunch time procedure with no downtime. Usually well tolerated, not painful, quick procedure. Effect lasts from 4 to 7 months.

Eye aging process

  • Bone decreases

  • Supporting structures (fascia, ligaments) prolapses down

  • Muscle which pull down overactivated

  • Fat redistributed – less in upper face, more in lower face

  • Filler

Natural moisturising ingredient, which we usually loose with age, is used to fill in the wrinkles. Lunchtime procedure, usually well tolerated. Effect lasts 6-8, up to 12 months.

  • Biorevitalisation

Multiple injections of active prescription only medication inside the skin, to the most metabolically active layer.

Skin will have glowing, lighter and rejuvenated and uplifting appearance. Similar to what you achieve with make up highlighter of the area. After 3rd procedure – lifting is even more. 3 procedures, lasts 1 year.

  • Dr Miller peeling

Dr Miller created own peeling/treatment with whitening, anti-inflammatory, anti-pigmentation, lifting and skin smoothening action.

  • Non surgical eye brow lift

Combination of techniques to achieve nice eyebrow elevation.

  • Non surgical blepharoplasty

Combination of techniques to elevate outer hanging part of upper eyelid.

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