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V shape face injections

How much units needed?

Experienced doctor will assess your individual situation. In average, from 15-30 BU (or 30-80 DU) per side.

Are their any risks?

We strongly advise to choose a well-trained and experienced doctor, expert in such tricky area to avoid possible complications.

The area has 2 other muscles overlapping masseter (zygomaticus and risorius), therefore injection result in changes in smile, face asymmetry, swallowing and speech difficulties.

Measures to ensure patient safety of the procedure, VISTA Clinic: 

  • patients are treated by experienced doctor, fellow of Australasian College of Aesthetic Medicine
  • different techniques tailored for each patient’s individual anatomy
  • special method to prepare medication to avoid any diffusion to unwanted places

Trust professionals to minimise risk of any complication on your face.

So far, there were no complications in face slimming injections since 2007 at our clinic.

Face reshaping without any surgery or downtime, as a lunch time procedure. With years of training and experience, our clinic is considered to be experts in injectable treatment. 

More information about ALL lower face and jaw line improvement options you can find here

Who would be ideal candidate for V shape muscle relaxant injections? 

  • Bruxism
  • Square jaw
  • Asian patients
  • Heavy jawline
  • Wish to slim appearance of lower face
  • Teeth grinding or bruxism
  • Headaches especially associated with anxiety
  • Wide lower face

Women’s beauty perception is usually benefit with slimmer, lighter, V shaped  jaw line.

How long is a result?

Slimming injections usually last from 6 to 12 months. Effect lasts longer if injections are done regularly, before the masseter muscle regrown. It also requires less amount of units

How long is the procedure?

 All together 30 min with only under 5 min for injection of masseter.

When I see the result?

Will be most obvious in 3-8 weeks (depends on size of your face), when you notice:

  • more refined and feminine jaw line
  • face slimming
  • less headaches
  • less pain or discomfort after excessive jaw clenching

Assessment of your response and further management plan will be arranged in 8 weeks.

Cost of injections

There is a very wide range for the cost of injections to slim masseters, as it depends on the size of the masseters, and the amount of slimming that is required by the patient.

The range of costs is typically varies a lot, but we have it on special as it’s good for health, not just for beauty. More information about costs here.

Maintenance doses after 1-2 years of treatment may be reduced.