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Depending on the situation, non-surgical facelift can be achieved with a special technique using fillers (starting from 1 ml) or, more often, combination of treatments.

Surgical facelift is more effective, but involves more risks. General anesthetic, long rehabilitation and downtime, higher risk of permanent complications usually makes surgical facelift an option for more severe cases. A lot of people’s lifestyle require constantly being active and can only have minimal or no downtime from work.

Regular non-surgical procedures in the hands of an experienced cosmetic doctor achieve great lifting of the face  with non-surgical procedures and/or downtime. Cosmetic practitioners have multiple options for non surgical facelift and good news it’s mostly injections.

What are options for cosmetic non surgical lift?

Dermal fillers injections of hyaluronic acid (lasting 6 months – 1.5 years)

dermal filler injections of long lasting, similar to patient’ bone materials.

Targeted muscle relaxant (anti whrinkle injections), but cosmetic doctor injecting them into muscles which pulling face down. Therefore overall balance of face tissues are lifted up. 

Mesotherapy to make loosen skin tighter and healthier. 

Chemical peels to address sagging skin, pores, age spots and other concerns

Threads which is a strongest for lift up face skin. Modern threads are safe and effective. 

The process of non surgical lift  will be not as fast, but without many risks or downtime.

What is the most option used at VISTA Clinic Australia for non surgical face lift? 

Principles on nonsurgical facelift are to decrease what is pulling down and enhance what is lifting up. 

Few options:

1. Liposcupture under local anesthetic. Our surgeon taking off fat from lower face, at the time defining jawline. Surgeon sometimes can inject the removed fat into upper face, but for male faces might be to much feminisation. 1 procedure, some downtime of swelling. 

2. Combination of permanent fat dissolving injections into lower face (double chin, sagging cheeks) + Threadlift (under local) of excessive sagging skin + filler to enhance lift points. No downtime, but need few procedures. 

Before and immediately after

Non-surgical facelift with fillers

   Before and immediately after. Refreshed with fillers. Results last 8-14 months.

Before and after. Looking less tired with fillers

Individually tailored treatment

1. Dr Miller peeling

2. Filler – micro threads technique, 2ml



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