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Facial analysis, Vista Clinic

What is facial analysis?

It is an evaluation of clients' face, proportions, volume, appearance, symmetry. It will allow to
identify any areas of concern or visible deformities.
It is based on direct clinical examination and photographs and done throughout clinical consultation.
Facial assessment is a never ending process and can be devided into 4 phases:
1. Preoperative, which is done during initial consultation
2. Intraoperative- right before the procedure.
3. Early postoperative- right after the procedure
4. Postoperative analysis or follow up consultation, during which clinician will evaluate the
procedure and identify any areas that needed modifications
What clinician looks for during assessment?
- during preoperative assessment clinician will assess any medical family or personal history,
identify any damage to the skin like discoloration, stains, scars. Also assess dynamic of the soft
tissues that involve skin color, elasticity, superficial wrinkles, sun damage and skin sensitivity.
- A skin type like oily, dry, or sensitivity will be identified during facial analysis, which will guide
the treatment options in the future.
- Clinician also take into consideration supporting skeleton and tissue structures. The outer
bone of the nose, ears, anterior teeth or eye globes drastically affect aesthetics
-Also clinical will identify any any asymmetry of the eyebrows, lips, nose. Droopping of the
eyelids and angle of the mouth
- Skin problems like Acne, Rosacea, Keratoses, Contact dermatitis, Wrinkled skin, or Scaring can
be also evident during the assessment
Early detection of the signs of aging, identifying basic developmental deformities also very
important in facial assessment. Detection of aging issues earlier will help to improve skin
appearance and slow aging processes.
Another area of evaluation is
Photodamage areas, hyperpigmentation, enlarged pores, acne, acne scarring, dull skin color
What can be used to support facial assessment?
Blood tests
What is fundamental aspect of skin analysis ?
Flexability, which will allow unique treatment options for each client with different cultural or
ethical backgrounds that require a personalized approach.