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What brand of filler do you use?
At our clinic we use different brands and also different types of fillers within each brand. Due to Australian legislation, we can’t use names of fillers (it’s prescription only medications, which can’t be advertised to public), but there are only European manufactured fillers used, which are medical grade and company sells it only for doctors. For most patient we use either German made either Austrian made filler from big pharma companies, who are manufacturing fillers for over 25 years for medical use (for example, it’s same as injected into eyes or joints).
How long filler last?
In average, fillers last 6-15 months. However, individual differences vary a lot. For example, 1st filler tend to last less than consequent ones because hyaluron is a natural moisturiser, which decreases with age. Therefore body tends to “dry it out” faster. Similar to how dry soil absorb water faster. For the same reason, filler will last shorter in conditions, which “dry out” our body (i.e., sun exposure, sauna, sport with excessive sweating, certain hormonal changes etc).
What are most common downsides of filler?
Most common side effect is pain from injection (therefore we use strong, prescription only topical anaethetic and, if indicated, local anaesthetic mixed with filler. Similar to what dentists do). Another common one is bruising due to high blood vessels concentration on face. To minimise it, we use special equipment and own technique, but there are always chance. Please, don’t do filler prior to important event in case if bruising appeared.
How much filler is needed?*can be copied from cost webpage
I’m afraid to look fake and freak.
Dr Miller believes that if job is done well, it should look natural You just look refreshed, happier and more beautiful. Like Coco Chanel said – when you leave the room, nobody should remember what you were wearing, but people remember you look good. in aesthetic look and using special equipment to ensure that “golden ratio” rules are m
How to know what injections best suit me?Besides years of training and experience in the field, Dr Miller is using tools to measure face’ proportions to determine “golden Ratio” and so, best possible options will be discussed with patient.
How much is a consultation?Cosmetic only consult is up to 15 min and is free of charge. Options for your situation, costs will be discussed and all questions answered. Executive health check ups and other consults prices can be seen at cost page.
Can I get GP consultation?
We are not GP practice, however, some patients are regular and busy professionals, who don’t have time to see their regular GP. Therefore Dr Miller can look after regular patients, if needed, in the after hours (after 6 pm and weekends) basis.
Also, sometimes during cosmetic counsultation, medical problem is diagnosed – such patients care will be according to usual Australian GP standards.
Is there parking available nearby?Yes, there are plenty of street parking for up to 2 hours.
What is level of training of Dr Miller?Medical Doctor, practicing since 2002. Completed trainings in USA, Australia, Europe, Singapore. Fellow specialist of Australasin COllege of Aesthetic medicine.
What days do you take new patients?Office 4/433 Sough Road, Bentleigh, VIC, Tuesday, Sunday and Friday
How much is a procedure?
Prices are at Dr Miller Clinic website (costs). Cosmetic consultation is free and no obligations. Acne and hair loss consult is $150, includes machines assessments, prescriptions and plan. GP counsult for regular patients bulk billed and for new – $75 if counsult under 20 min and $150 for counsult 20-40 min, but you will get rebate from medicare. There are 10% discounts for regular patients. Also, Dr Miller is doing teaching for other doctors and medical practitioners, therefore there are regular opportunities to be a model for different cosmetic procedures for our patients.
How much is Botox/Dysport?
Our prices are very reasonable becuase our doctor works for themselves. There is no middle man (like practice owner or business) between patient and doctor. Brand names in Australia are not allowed, but for approximate estimation you can refer to our costs page – it starts from $4 per unit, Amount of units depends on how much bulk of your muscle. More bulk – more units needed. Doctor will discuss with you amount units for your particular situation.
What is Dr Miller peel?
We have our own lab with different formulas and concentrations. Dr Miller is trained to use the most appropriate peel for your particular skin and different for different areas of the face (for exampls, different peels for gentle skin under eyes and for pores in the nose and smokers’ lines around mouth).
How long cosmetic threads lasts?
The effect of hreads lasts forever (similar like when docture stich your wound, edges of the wound stay together even when sticher is out). Once threads dissolve in 2 months, the lifted tissues stay where they lifted to. However, we are still aging and therefore visible effect can’t stay the same forever – you need maintaince. If you age fast (a lot of stress, hormonal changes, disease, diet) – effect of threads lasts less – app 1 – 1.5 years. If you age well, effect of threads lasts 3 years.
What is PRP?When doctor takes your own blood, separate the most active ingredients and growth factors and re-inject in areas which needs to improve. Best results for hair loss, aging skin and musculoskeletal probelms.