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fat dissolving injections aftercare advice

  1-3 days. You should drink plenty of fluids and gently massage the treated areas after your treatment. Simple analgesia (panadol/ibuprofen), ice application for 10 min every hour will make it more comfortable, but most patients don’t need it.

Don’t use cosmetic creams/procedures on the area.

3-7 days. Massage/endermology /lymphatic drainage etc is recommended to speed up recovery and decrease lumpiness.
If any signs of infection at this stage – please, let us know immediately (redness, swelling and fever significantly increased all the sudden). Sometimes you may notice numbness – it’s rare side effect, which is self resolving in few weeks. Extremely rare (we never saw it, but should let you know for medico-legal reasons) is skin necrosis – if your pain increased, skin turned black or pale – contact us immediately.

7-14 days – continue massage. Start regular skin care. You will notice that swelling is improved, bruising is also improved (if it was any).

If lumps persist over 8 weeks – correction with inject-able medications will be free of charge for you.

Swelling usually lasts 2 months, until full skin turn over (people with fast metabolism it’s less, with slow metabolism – it’s longer).  
“Bad” significant swelling noticeable to others generally lasts around 3 days (+ few more days if person is prone to fluid retention) and then mild, not noticeable swelling lasts next 6-8 weeks while the new skin regenerates. 

*In case of any concerns/problems, please, let us know.


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