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Combination of cosmetic methods is a key to achieve best aesthetic and natural looking results.

The upper face is a complex and dynamic part of the face, which conveys facial expression and emotion. As one age, youthful dynamic facial lines on the forehead and glabella change to static wrinkles, which remain on the face at rest. These permanent wrinkles can lead to the appearance of fatigue and negative facial expressions such as anger, which may influence psychological well-being, social confidence, and self-esteem.

The two major factors involved in the formation of static wrinkles in the upper face are repetitive muscle contraction and skin aging (loss of dermal collagen and matrix material leading to reduced dermal support). Compared with other facial muscles, the frontalis
and corrugator muscles usually retain their muscle volume and even undergo hypertrophy to compensate for age-related ptosis and loss in visual acuity, which intensify the wrinkles.

Botulinum toxin and filler injections are currently the main treatment modalities in the management of facial wrinkles, especially for those on the upper third of the face. Conceptually, botulinum toxin addresses wrinkles by relaxing the muscles responsible for their creation (ie, the “dynamic” component), while soft tissue fillers provide necessary volume for the effacement of facial rhytids (ie, the “static” component). Although popular and widely accepted by the general population, some hesitate to receive toxin or filler injections due to the potential risk of unnatural facial expression, ptosis (associated with botulinum
toxin), skin necrosis, and vision loss (from filler injection). This has created a demand for a minimally invasive technique with reduced side effects, where threads may be considered.

“Tools” used by experienced cosmetic physicians at VISTA Clinic Australia in Melbourne.

  • Anti-wrinkle injections
  • acne treatments
  • LED light and other machines
  • acne, traumatic scars or wrinkles subcisions
  • PDO and hyaluronic acid threads
  • mesotherapy
  • variety (over 75 types) of peelings
  • bio-revitalization
  • PRP
    and many more options are

Experienced doctor will tailor cosmetic procedures to individual’s face or body. Make them working in synergy, to potentiate each other and give 1+1=3 effect.

What forehead wrinkles mean for health? 

VISTA Clinic Australia practices comprehensive patient care, which include interpreting early signs of health hazards, which are commonly looks like just a beauty concern. 

In 2018, at the annual meeting of the European Society of Cardiology in Munich, very interesting study has been presented. Researchers were observing a group of people for 20 years and discovered that degree of forehead wrhinkles is correlated with a risk of heart disease, stroke etc. 

Scientists aren’t sure why this connection exists, but they think it may be that forehead wrinkles are a marker of atherosclerosis. According to the National Institutes of Health, atherosclerosis is when plaque builds up in someone’s arteries, which can limit the flow of blood to your organs and potentially lead to heart attack, stroke or death.

Why we have wrinkles in the forehead? 

Muscle covering forehead, called frontalis, is contracting in movement and the skin architecture is being broken. 

As we age, our bones are getting smaller, and the forehead muscles compensate the bone loss with over activity. 
There is a strong genetic component in wrinkles distribution. Some people get forehead wrinkles earlier than others. 
Our doctors at VISTA Clinic Australia are experienced in dealing with forehead wrinkles in the best way.




What are options for acne, rosacea or inflamed skin in forehead? 

Hair line and eyebrows proximity make forehead skin more prone to irritation and excessive oil production. Oily glands are attached to hair follicles and are nutrition for opportunistic bacteria or mites. 
Cosmetic doctor will assess the problematic skin on a special machines and provide patient with the best treatment plan.  

Acne/rosacea treatment plan are consist of 2 parts: 

  • cosmetic improvement
  • treating underlying cause

Options for acne/rosacea/dermatitis include combinations or any of the following:

  • Strong prescription only medications (topical gels/creams  as a 1st, more safe option, but tablets sometimes needed).
  • Course of peelings – VISTA Clinic Australia has own lab with over 75 peels for best customization to particular problem skin.
  • mesotherapy –  injection of active ingredients into the acne prone skin (acne formed deep under the skin structures, therefore needs to be injected for quick result and avoidance of scar). 
  • LED and other machins
  • dermobrasion 
    and many more

What are option for forehead and glabella lines without butulinum toxin?

With growth of natural healing trends, cosmetic doctors at VISTA Clinic Australia receive such requests more and more often. 
There are number of “natural” alternatives and most popular are subcision (permanent wrinkles release) with collagen stimulating mesotherapy (cocktail of natural moisturizer  – hyaluronic acid – and vitamins). 

Filler also working great in case of visible depressions and underlying bones irregularities, but such injections are considered the most advanced level of injecting and ideal knowledge of anatomy. It is recommended only for doctors to approach such areas with fillers. Results are amazing, filler in the area lasts longer than in more mobile areas – around 1 year or more.

How threads are used in forehead?

VISTA Clinic Australia offers a comprehensive range of cosmetic and medical treatments to our cosmetic patients. Experienced cosmetic doctors are well equipped with a lot of tools to chose the best for each individual.

There are different types of threads and cosmetic doctor will choose the best option for you. More info about threads you can find here. 

Threads help to soften the deep wrinkles of forehead by filling in the wrinkles, softening scar tissue and also by stretching the forehead skin.

Also, cosmetic practitioners at VISTA Clinic use threads for eyebrow lift. Clinical research of S Kang &co demonstrated safety of threads for upper face wrinkles. Treatment was well-tolerated and did not cause any significant long-lasting discomfort. Some reported stinging of the procedural sites upon facial movement which lasted up to 2 weeks. Of 33
patients, three (9.1%) showed procedure-related complications which
resulted from the PDO threads being inserted too superficially. All
problems (two skin ulcerations and one thread extrusion) resolved
after removing the thread. Serious adverse events such as nerve
damage or foreign body granuloma were not observed in this study. 

Overall, folded, wedge-shaped polydioxanone (PDO) threads were favored by both patients and physicians who claimed satisfaction (81.8%) and improvement (84.8%) at 2-month follow-up which is the time-point of maximal outcome.

I have residing hairline. Hair are lost or more thin. What can be done? 

Common problem VISTA Clinic cosmetic physicians see at the clinic. 
Causes include stresses, hormonal changes, genetic component, Iron deficiency (or other nutritional defects), thyroid over-activity and many others. Our experienced in hair loss cosmetic physician will address the cause during the counsulation. 

Options for hair re-growth include:

  • PRP (Platelete rich plasma). Concentrated growth factors from your own blood injected into area of weak, thin or lost hair. More info here
  • Prescription only topical medications (oral and /or topical) 
  • mesotherapy
  • hair transplant

Threads for wrinkles ?

Clinic researcxh of S Kang & co of  a novel technique applicable to deep static wrinkles on the upper face and to assess its safety and efficacy found that the majority of patients (81.8%) considered the results satisfactory. PDO threads for wrinkles may be applied as an adjunct, or as an alternative to conventional therapies such as botulinum toxin and soft tissue filler injection.

Glow healthy ideal skin laser treatment

regular brightening peels, skin tightening, rosacea, ok during summer.


  • “Glow” was the most common feedback after 1st peel (please, note it can peel of old dry skin if not done regular  - so, allow few days downtime 1st time)
  • Natural peel derived from almonds  - therefore not lasting long time, we supply 4 weeks supply at a time. 
  • Effect on skin tightening, collagen stimulation, brightening and antibacterial.
  • If irritation, burn, concerns - stop and contact us.

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Lactic Acid Peel

skin care advanced Vista Clinic

BEST FOR:  aged skin, lack of moisture and excess old skin.

SKIN TYPE:  dry, dull, rough and sun damage skin. Ideal for aging skin

 Lactic (milk) acid is a natural pro-biotic, moisturiser and cleanser of dead skin. 

Usually advised after "training" skin with mandelic acid as a next level up for aging, excessive, dull skin, not prone to rosacea or irritation. 

Regular use prepares skin to better aging, more effecting in-clinic procedures, especially any skin quality treatments. 

No or minimal downtime, visible reduces pores, wrinkles, helps skin health and cell turnover.

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jessner peel


BEST FOR: the strongest peel for home use.

SKIN TYPE: well prepared skin, dull, sun damaged, pigmented.

    • Combination of acids for multi-factorial addressing of different skin problems.
    • Recommended to use after prepared skin and during the winter.
    • Improves smoothness of the skin, pigmentation, scars, pores, inflammation. 
    • Provide a course supply ( 3-4 weeks every 2 weeks or as tolerated).
      Recommended after aesthetician consultation to ensure safety and best plan.

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