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*photos are actual clinic patients results

Earlier hair loss treated – more success. Before hair follicles turned into scar tissue. Doctor will diagnose causes (often it’s a combination of contributing factors) and then management of hair follicles to be “awakened” – prescription medications, needling, PRP, LED, mesotherapy and many other interventions. Most importantly – targeted individually

Suffering from hair loss is often times a stressful and emotional experience for men and women. Regardless of your stage of hair loss or if you’re just trying to gain some information and insights into hair loss treatment and restoration, you’ve come to the right place!

VISTA clinic is a one stop shop for hair loss problems, utilizing comprehensive approach to the problem to achieve best outcomes. Most importantly, long lasting hair loss treatment.

 What are the treatments for hair loss ?

Experienced expert doctor will advise your best treatment plan, but there are generally number of options available:

  • Medical Hair Restoration.

When you google, go to retail store or ask friends  – there are numerous creams and lotions, all promising  “miracle cure” for “hair stimulation” and regrowth.  Evidence based ones are mostly Prescription only medical grade and strength treatments.

Causes of hair loss may include hormonal, nutritional deficiencies and many other, therefore Dr Miller conducts appropriate assessment and investigations, providing patient with individualised hair loss treatment plan.

In a lot of cases, medical and non surgical treatments can help hair regrowth themselves. In cases of hair follicles complete loss, when non surgical hair loss treatments are not enough, hair loss should be stabilized prior to moving into surgical hair transplant options. Otherwise result wouldn’t last and create problems for patient in the future.

  • PRP (platelet rich plasma)

Dr Miller is a certified trainer for PRP treatments. PRP results are technique dependent. Dr Miller was trained in leading clinics in few countries to ensure the most comprehensive knowledge (France, Russia, Singapore and Czech Republic).

PRP for hair loss is natural treatment, using your own body growth and regeneration factors to restore hair follicles strength. Results in thicker and stronger hair, increase amount of hair and slow down baldness process.

Depending on your assessment, Dr Miller can combine PRP with active ingredient to boost effect.

  • Improving scalp conditions

Sub acute inflammatory process, seborrheic dys regulation, dandruff and many other scalp problems are treated simultaneously and ensure best and long lasting results.

Dr Miller is using state to art digital trichoscope for assessment, microscopy photography and monitoring of patient’ response to hair loss management.

What assessment hair loss include?


Our experienced cosmetic and hair loss doctors are trained in comprehensive hair assessment, which is accomplished by a number of machines usually used – dermatoscope, trichoscope, Wood’s lamp, electronic microscope, moisture and oil content measurement.


Microscope is one of the most interesting contributors into hair loss tools as the patient can see on the large screen of computer the break down of their scalp skin, dandruff, hair follicles state, hair follicles oily glands, hair trunk health and condition and much more valuable information.


Woods lamp is the largest and most memorable for patients machines at Vista Clinic Australia.  A special light creates an fluorescence effect with different types of parasites, fungus and bacteria, creating different color, localisation and degree or presence of an active infection, contributing into hair loss.

Cause of hair loss as well as monitoring of the treatment progress in a micro level is one of keys of hair loss treatment success at the vista clinic Melbourne CBD.


How to prepare to the treatment?

There is no special preparation needed but you should remember that the blood quality will play significant role in treatment results. For 24 hours prior the PRP session avoid fat, spicy, sugary or allergenic foods, alcohol and smoking. Drink more water and limit your coffee or black tea intake to 1-2 cups per day. Try not to take any strong painkillers or blood thinners such as aspirin or fish oil but don’t stop any prescribed medication unless it was discussed with your medical practitioner.
In France, for enhancing the best results from PRP, doctors recommend 3 gramms of Vitamin C 2 hours prior to the procedure. 

How many procedures of PRP do I need?

For the best and prolonged results, it’s recommended to do the treatment as a course of 3 sessions 2-4 weeks apart. In some cases, for example, in acne treatments or in diffusion hair loss a course of 6 can be required. 

Response to PRP is a reflection of you own regenerative capacity. Well maintained in terms of nutrition, general health and youth individuals tend to respond better. Therefore it is a high chance your doctor will address your problem comprehensively, and PRP will be 1 of the components of your management.  At VISTA Clinic Australia, we tend to treat the whole person and underlying cause, focusing on your health 1st of all. Good looks and beautiful appearance will be achieved with improved health.



PRP… What is the magic behind these 3 letters?

PRP is a natural and safe bio ”tool” to enhance regeneration.

Platelet rich plasma or PRP is a treatment when a small amount of patient’s blood collected in a sterile tube then separated from red blood cells and injected through a special needles in the dermal layer of the skin around face, eyes, neck, décolletage or hands.

That’s not a secret that our bodies are able to recover themselves many times during the life, but the ability inevitably decreases with age. Our own blood contains a huge amount of Growth factors, nutrients, microelements and vitamins. New technology in aesthetic medicine allows to use the source for skin regeneration, stimulation of fresh collagen and elastin, reparation of damaged tissue.

What is not recommended to do for first 24 hours?

  • Go to the gym
  • Use sauna or face steamers
  • Rub or exfoliate your face
  • Use AHA, BHA and retinol

What are contraindications?

  • Recent fever or illness
  • Cancer or blood cancer in past
  • Pregnancy and breast feeding
  • Local infection at treatment site
  • autoimmune disorders

PRP is a medical procedure and is strongly recommended to consult with registered trusted health practitioner (www.ahpra.gov.au is a source of checking your practitioner status).



What does hair consultation with Dr Miller include? 


  • Initial consult

  Hair loss commonly is a multi factorial and complex problem, which requires a detailed assessment, past medical history, micro and macro photographs, general health physical exam, particularly for possible underlying infections, vitamins deficiencies, co-existing medical conditions, contributing into hair loss problem, possible inflammatory disorders and much more. Hair loss is commonly is a “top of the iceberg” of underlying medical issue and hair thinning and falling is a symptoms of an underlying disease which may progress without a proper diagnosis and treatment. For example, the most common causes of sudden hair loss are autoimmune disorder, Iron deficiency, stress and hypothyroidism. Our body works by principle of focusing on preserving most important functions and shutting not as necessary in case of limited resources or capacity of functions. Therefore skin, hair problems appear 1st in case of disease or deficiency. Vista Clinic also utilizing digital trichoscope check up and microscope photographs. Preliminary plan and options will be discussed with the patient and all questions about hair loss, it’s causes and approaches will be answered.

 Management Plan counsult


After blood and hair analysis results are back, Management Plan is created for patient. Prescriptions and referrals, if needed. Office procedures (like PRP or hair loss mesotherapy may be done at the same time).




 Vista Clinic philosophy is to utilize the best quality and top of the range treatments. High quality and safety measurements at the clinic ensure best outcomes for patients under our care. 


PRP complex technique $800 (including LED, prep, coral enhancement, mesotherapy, microneedling – we mix your PRP with active ingredients, individually suitable for your situation ). Injectable prescription strength active additives are included into cost. 
Please, note that PRP can be contraindicated  and harmful if injected inappropriately.  We saw patients at our clinic, who had severe hair loss after PRP injection at no-doctor-on-site center. PRP is a concentration of growth factors and if hair loss has inflammation or auto-immune component, PRP is generally not recommended. 

 Dermapen or microneedling added to PRP injections + cost – for more details, please, check cost page

 Coral booster enhancement – free (subject to doctor prescription and if no contrindications) 


 Comprehensive consultation with Dr Miller including machines assessments –  please check our cost page for more details here


Glow healthy ideal skin laser treatment

regular brightening peels, skin tightening, rosacea, ok during summer.


  • “Glow” was the most common feedback after 1st peel (please, note it can peel of old dry skin if not done regular  - so, allow few days downtime 1st time)
  • Natural peel derived from almonds  - therefore not lasting long time, we supply 4 weeks supply at a time. 
  • Effect on skin tightening, collagen stimulation, brightening and antibacterial.
  • If irritation, burn, concerns - stop and contact us.

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Lactic Acid Peel

skin care advanced Vista Clinic

BEST FOR:  aged skin, lack of moisture and excess old skin.

SKIN TYPE:  dry, dull, rough and sun damage skin. Ideal for aging skin

 Lactic (milk) acid is a natural pro-biotic, moisturiser and cleanser of dead skin. 

Usually advised after "training" skin with mandelic acid as a next level up for aging, excessive, dull skin, not prone to rosacea or irritation. 

Regular use prepares skin to better aging, more effecting in-clinic procedures, especially any skin quality treatments. 

No or minimal downtime, visible reduces pores, wrinkles, helps skin health and cell turnover.

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jessner peel


BEST FOR: the strongest peel for home use.

SKIN TYPE: well prepared skin, dull, sun damaged, pigmented.

    • Combination of acids for multi-factorial addressing of different skin problems.
    • Recommended to use after prepared skin and during the winter.
    • Improves smoothness of the skin, pigmentation, scars, pores, inflammation. 
    • Provide a course supply ( 3-4 weeks every 2 weeks or as tolerated).
      Recommended after aesthetician consultation to ensure safety and best plan.

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