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   BEST FOR: weak hair follicles

   COST: from $500

 DOWNTIME: 1 evening or none

Hair loss slowly deteriorating with thinning and color changing of the hair. At certain point, hair follicles are too weak and not growing hair any more. If stay non functional, hair follicles are being lost – the body functions by a principle “use it or loose it”. PRP is a concentrate of growth factors and active ingredients from own blood of the patient.

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   BEST FOR: every case


   COST: from $150-350


 DOWNTIME: 15-45 min


Hair loss is a top of the iceberg in reflection of underlying issues causing it or contributing into it. The most common cause of hair loss is genetic and here options are limited, but contributing factors into genes expressions are important to diagnose and address. Vista Clinic invested into a medical equipment and all consults are conducted only by specialist experienced doctor with plan creation.

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   BEST FOR: scalp problems

   COST: from $350

 DOWNTIME: 1 evening or none

Hair scalp condition determines hair growth and strength. Irritation, epidermal clogging of the scalp blocked gentle hair follicles exit and hair has more difficulty to grow out. Additionally. skin of the scalp is a valuable cover and protection and any abnormality will affect hair follicles, growing under. Coral tiny particles scrab out the “dead skin” and stimulate scalp regeneration and hair growth.

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