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Post Laser and Radio-Frequency Microneedling skin tightening advice

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Glow healthy ideal skin laser treatment

Day 0 – 3

Use sunscreen (50+ with UVA + UVB protection) for 2 weeks after. 

Do not use Vitamin A creams  for 3-5 days prior and after your treatment.

Use alcohol swabs to wipe off the dark dots and then apply cooling hydrogel eye patches, 

To maximize the results, while the skin is still absorbing better, building most of the collagen and regeneration is activated – you can start: 

Add active skin care concentrates: Use them few times a day, as needed on the treated area to ensure you keep it nice and hydrated. 

do not pick the crusts (moisturize if would like it to resolve faster) . 

swelling in normal, it is important for skin tightening. 

For maximum results and quality of skin collagen – please, start taking Vitamin C tablets (2-5 gramms/day)

Day 3- 4 weeks

Avoid sun exposure for 4 weeks after your treatment. 

Keep active moisturizing and gentle touch (not stretch) massage over the area.


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