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*art of cosmetic doctor at VISTA Clinic Australia (hands of Dr Larissa Miller)

* Awarded BEST LIPS 2017



Please, below  – some examples of work done by the lip master and cosmetic doctor (only own work of real patient Vista Clinic Australia, no pharma or stock photos).

Our doctors are highly skilled and experienced with a wide variety of techniques and your face and lips will be measured and individually assessed by the doctor personally (no Skype or other controversial practices). Every face has an individual approach and if job is done well, it should suit your face organically and harmonically.   



Improvement of vertical lines/wrinkles of lips

As we age or under adverse environmental factors, food sensitivity and other factors, our lips become dryer, have more minor wrinkles around and in the lips body and corners of the mouth. Speaking literally, our lips used to be grapes, but slowly turning into sultanas.

Hyaluronic acid is a similar to a natural moisturizer molecule, which we run out of as we age in all tissues of our body. Dermal filler used for lips contain this hyaluronic acid, therefore commonly patients notice less dry, more color and rejuvenated appearance of lips.

Your cosmetic doctor will discuss with you what results you would prefer to achieve and what would be the best options for your individual face.

Improvement of lips and area around in harmony

It is important to ensure the natural results. More youthful lips on a background of wrinkles around might create so called “effect of new wheels on an old car”. Although in most young patients it is not obvious, most of our VISTA Clinic Australia patients prefer harmony in improvement.

Lips are aesthetically connected to the appearance of nasolabial folds, Marionette’ lines and vertical lines/wrinkles around the mouth.

This patient had few minor injections on lips and around lips, all together only 1 ml, but the whole lower face looks more natural and rejuvenated.


*philosophy of VISTA Clinic Australia is natural looking lips.

If patient prefers bigger lips and our cosmetic doctor agrees that it would suit the face proportions,  we can make lips larger.




Large lips can look natural 

Respect of patient’ own lips anatomy and combination of different techniques are the keys of natural looking lips filler injections. Dermal filler is carefully placed in the patient’s own anatomical structure to ensure enhancing own beauty effect.

Sometimes Dr Miller asks patients to bring photos from their younger age, even childhood ones – so, “original” shape of lips can be more obvious and cosmetic doctor can ensure more natural lip filler results. Such assessment provides valuable information of the best approach




3. Acid Threads Lip Lift, V Cupid’ bow & Definition

Most effective for upper lip, t V shape cupid bow definition treatment and lip border.

No volume or foreign bodies to lips.

lip lift and rejuvenation no filler threads
lip snatched look
lip lift

Acid Threads Lip Lift

The most ecological and non-invasive lip lift technique when we enhance own  face’ anatomy – making lifting ligaments stronger by embedding tiny special threads into it. 

No foreign bodies like fillers or toxins introduced. 

The effect starts to be seen within 10 minutes post treatment and keep improving next 2-3 months (collagen stimulation and skin turnover cycle). 
If after 2 months once it settled patient is happy – no more threads are required, results lasts in average around a year. If would prefer to add more – results will be significantly enhanced as it’s an accumulating effect. 
Can do threads earlier that 2 months or later. 
It also improved pre-existing fibrosis, scars, wrinkles making skin thicker, smoother, firmer. 
Contraindications are any infection, psychological instability of the patient, expectations too high, or if other methods would be more appropriate

threadlift face mono threads
lip lift no surgery

4. AGING LIPS improvement

soften wrinkles and lines, lift the corners of the mouth , generally more fresh looking lips. 

Our cosmetic doctors use a wide range of techniques, mastered over years of experienced and as good as it can be level of training.

It is  art in creating (and perhaps sculpturing) beautiful, youthful and natural lips. Like patients describing “kissable” or “sexy” looking lips, but it actually is about being best version of yourself by enhancing your natural lips.

How the injection is performed?

Lips are sensitive, therefore strong (prescription only grade) anesthetic cream is applied. In case if pain is still a concern, dental block with local anesthetic (similar to the one when you go to dentist to treat your teeth).

How long does it take?

Usually the treatment takes 15-30 minutes all together with consultation.

What is the cost?

Cost may vary depending of volume and patient wish to correct “tired” or “looking sad” appearance around the lips, “smoker’s lines” (vertical lip lines or wrinkles around) and nasolabial folds.
In average, for lips and peri-oral area injections 1 or 2 ml of filler are used.

For more information, please, refer to cost price page

How long the lip filler lasts?

Typically from 6-12 months, but there are individual variations.

What filler is the best?

Australian Therapeutic Administration regulates that prescription only drugs (including fillers) can’t be used in advertising.  Our clinic set up high quality standards and only European leading pharma companies fillers, registered in Australia and supplied from official distributors are used.

Main ingredient is similar to  a natural moisturizer, found in skin and other body parts, which we loose with aging process. It is similar to hyaluronic acid, which you probably use in your moisturizer serums at home).

Similar fillers been used in medicine for many years for injections into joints, eyes etc. We use only high quality products manufactured at the GMP approved big pharmaceutical companies in Europe.

russian lips