• Dissolvable medical suture material 
  • placed inside the skin to create nice and even karkas and smooth the skin breaks, wrinkles. 
  • Considered to be 1 of the best cosmetic medical procedure for skin lifting and tightening.
  • Tiny, almost painless needles introduce absorbable collagen stimulating threads.
  • The effect is immediate, but lift and skin tightening will be better within next 2-4 months. 


What areas mesothreads are for? 

Skin sagging and wrinkles, especially on mimic areas.

For example, smokers lines, marionette lines under mouth, smiling lines, neck lines and many others. 
Such “broken” architecture of the skin by mimic is hard to straighten and elastic, karkas building threads are the best option for wrinkles. 

Is it painful?

No, it is well tolerated without any pain relief. Similar or less painful than your anti-wrinkle injections. Needle is tiny, you can bearly see it. If patient wishes, anaesthetic is always an option, but it will cause more change of bruising and swelling and so far no patients requested it.

What areas do use it for?

With age, our skin become less tight, some skin wrinkles, loose areas are formed. Mesothreads introduce intradermal (inside deep layer of the skin) supporting structure.

Most common areas are areas under mouth, cheeks (smiling lines), forehead lines, neck lines, under chin, jaw line.
Body areas include décolletage, breast stretch marks, hands, arms, abdomen, elbows and knees.

What is the downtime?

none, it is a lunch time procedure.
Like any other medical cosmetic needle procedure, it is a possibility of bruising and infection, but usually well tolerated.

What to expect?

  • fine wrinkles and lines smoother
  • deep wrinkles improvement
  • skin firmer and more elastic
  • do not arrest, but slow down skin sagging
  • delay aging process of skin
  • lift facial contours
  • rejuvenate skin
  • narrow pores
  • tighten skin texture

What is postcare advice? 

Mesothreads at VISTA Clinic Australia is a safe and well tolerated procedure without downtime. You can return to work straight after mesothreads facelift. Doctor will give you advice and a small bag with samples, alcohol swabs and instructions. 
More detailed info you can find at the postcare instructions page of VISTA Clinic Australia here

What is Mesothread?

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