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Mist Ph barrier and better absorption

  • Mimicking ideal skin Ph to restore after cleanse or stress/environment factors
  • Protects skin and create healthy conditions for skin function
  • Prepares skin for better absorption of the next step of skin routine
  • Infused with organic anti-oxidants and vitamins extracts from
    – Bilberry (skin tightening +toning + balancing oil)
    -Goji (protects against US, environment, stress+ moisture and collagen)
    – Blueberries ( high anti-oxidants, vitamins, anti-inflammatory)
    -lemon ( lighten pigments, improve immune system, anti-fungal)
    – aloe vera ( soothing and healing micro-injuries of skin)
    -Grapefruit (organic acids to balance Ph + skin brightening)
    – Jasmine Flower (antiseptic + soothing + anti-inflammatory)
    – Geranium ( skin conditioner + softens skin + removes dead skin)


Quick and easy way to boost skin routine. Alcohol free.

Skin Type – All Skin Types, especially for Dull / Polluted

How to use:  
Spray over face after cleanser before actives application.
Feel free to spray whenever would like to re-fresh during the day, on the top of make up is ok. Particularly when feels dehydrated and stressed.

If irritation or itching – stop immediately.