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Art of face injections is tailored by years of experience. Muscles of face are working in coordination with each other, moving fat pads into certain directions, and muscles are overlapping each other. Therefore it is important to choose an expert in injections with excellent knowledge of anatomy, comprehensive training and skills to manage injections complications.

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What areas can be treated with muscle relaxant injections?

Most common areas to relax are areas of overactive muscles with skin wrinkles above.

  • “angry” looking frown lines between eyebrows
  • soften forehead wrinkles
  • elevate eyebrows
  • improve eyes wrinkes
  • lift upper eyelids
  • soften wrinkles around mouth
  • improve smile,
  • narrow nose
  • elevate corners of mouth
  • slim heavy low face

How long does it last?

Initially 3-4 months, if regular injections –6 months or longer.

How long anti wrinkle injections will last depends on regeneration capacity of the person. If person exercise, has a good diet, rich in Vitamin B (or taking vitamin B group), regular visiting sauna/sun bath – botulotoxin tend to last less. However, it’s a sign of good health and we encourage patients to continue healthy lifestyle.

Also, muscle relaxant injections are used to treat

  • migraines
  • chronic headaches
  • strubisms (teeth clinching),
  • excessive sweating at any area – hands, feet, hair, armpits, buttocks etc
  • cervial dystonia (type of neck pains)

There are more research in botulinotoxins in progress with interesting new areas to explore:

  • depression
  • allergy symptoms
  • neuropathic pain
  • premature ejaculation
  • difficulty swallowing, etc

Generally speaking, doctor can relax muscles that pull down the face, and enhance lifting muscles.

Vista Clinic offers a range of surgical and non-surgical procedures such as anti wrinkle injections, dermal fillers, face slimming, double chin removal, and services Oakleigh, Bentleigh, Hampton, Brighton, Highett, Malvern, Chadstone, Caufield, Huntingdale, Carnegie, Ormond, Hughesdale, Moorabbin, and McKinnon areas.

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