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0-3 days

do not touch the entrance points and avoid to make it wet. 

apply the antibacterial cream to the entrance points three times/day

0-7 days

Apply SPF50 and avoid direct sunlight and tanning machines in order to prevent Post- Inflammatory Hyperpigmentation (PIH).

Avoid temperature extremes such as saunas or very cold climates.

Avoid physical exercise. No facials of any kind. Avoid alcohol and anti-coagulant medicine (aspirin, unless prescribed for medical indications) as well as anti-inflammatory medication.


A stinging or ‘pulling’ pain or discomfort is normal for 2-4 weeks after. You can apply cold compresses for 20 min. Take paracetamol 500mg 1-2 tablets 6- hourly as required. Avoid taking any anti-inflammatory medication such as Nurofen, because inflammation is necessary to initiate the new collagen formation process. Nurofen and similar medication (Ibuprofen, aspirin etc) will suppress this process.

If pain is not reduced or getting worse – let doctor know and return for review.

What to avoid for few weeks? 

Do not open mouth too wide for 3-4 weeks (including dental procedures for 2 weeks).

Avoid having Monopolar Radio Frequency (RF) for at least 10 weeks. Any heat producing device (laser, IPL, etc.), Secret Duo treatments of the thread treated areas for at least 2 weeks.

Do NOT rub or massage the face for 2 weeks (e.g., no Clarisonic type brushes)

Avoid facial massages/facials for 3-4 weeks.

Take care on chewing, signing, yaning, excessive smiling or other significant facial movements for 3-4 weeks. 

*if thread is sticking out (extremely rare)-  let doctor know straight away and pull the thread out

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