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Post scar subcision instructions

Scar subcision is a minor surgical procedure, performed by doctor in the office. Results are permanent and immediate, but final result will be in 6-8 weeks when a new collagen is formed.  To ensure best possible results, it is important to comply with your doctor recommendations. 

Day 0-7

Ice application on the operated site on the day, antibiotics and anti-inflammatory drugs for 5–7 days. 

Avoid making it wet (water proof dressing from pharmacy).

Hydrogel patch is advisable daily and silicon based gels – stratamed is usually what we use at the clinic. 

Keep area moisturized after the wound is healed with aloe vera gel, creams for sensitive skin of your choice. 

From Day 3 – to Week 6

Start prescription derivative from vitamin A cream and other medications which your doctor prescribed, at night. Make sure to wash it well in the morning. 

Gentle massage of the treated area for few minutes (ideally for 5 minutes 5 times/day) , as tolerated. Particularly try to massage off any lumps and bumps you may feel. 

Diet ideally should include high in vitamin C, proteins, fiber and zinc. Avoiding sweets, alcohol and tobacco. 


  • If any of the lumps/bumps start to grow or other concerns – please, let your doctor know, send the photo and arrange review consultation. It is a small chance of kelloid scar, cyst formation, which much easier to treat at the early stage. 

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