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Doctor will assess your skin, health and concerns, and may prescribe a home skin care for you. 

Most popular ingredients are being used are prescription only. They actually clinically proven to work, but they require special imstructions on how to use them.

What are most common problems are being addressed by the professional skin care? 

We commonly use prescription only version (strongest) of Vitamin A, which influence over 200 enzymes and hormons in the skin, reduce wrinkles, pigmentation, uneveness, acne, pores etc.

  • Other common indications are:
  • pigment reduction
  • skin bleaching (whitenning)
  • rosacea and/or skin flashing
  • acne and/or acne scars 


Where can I find instructions on how to use the creams properly? 

Unless prescribed otherwise, the following instrictions can be used: