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RF 64 needlies with Lux Laser – for skin tightening and “snatched” look

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We all wish to maintain our youth eternally and modern science has come a long way in providing us the tools to do so. RF micro needling is one such advanced innovation that helps combat the signs of ageing and give you back that youthful and rejuvenated look. It is a non-invasive procedure with virtually no downtime and can be targeted to cater for individual skin concerns ranging from sagging skin, fine lines and wrinkles, acne scarring, uneven skin and pores. 

When can you expect results:

 You can see improvement after the first session and with multiple sessions the quality of your skin will keep improving.

 How many sessions will you need:

 In contrast to normal needling where you would require 10-12 sessions to see any kind of improvement in the skin the RF needling will show results after 2-4 sessions depending on the skin concern, and you can have maintenance sessions thereafter every 6-12 months.

 RF needling with non ablative laser:

 Combining microneedling and non ablative laser is one of the best ways to treat signs of aging as these treamtments augment each others effects

How it works:


RF needling is very different and much superior to the normal needling. The mechanism by which RF needling works is through two aspects of trauma.

The first is by creating micro injuries in the skin by the needles penetrating it. Second aspect of trauma is when the RF is released through the needles. This causes heating of the tissue and further compliments the process of skin tightening and rejuvenation and scar reduction.

The depth that the needles go to is adjusted according to the facial area and the specific skin concerns and therefore the treatment can be tailored to individual patients.


Once the skin is penetrated by the needles producing injury, it initiates a complex cascade of reactions by the body on a microscopic level, activating growth cells that migrate towards the site of injury and start the process of healing and remodelling by producing collagen and elastin. This gives your skin a more youthful and brighter tone.

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    Who will Benefit from RF needling :


    Rf needling is beneficial for a wide range of cosmetic treatments. It can be used regardless of the colour, texture and thickness of the skin. If you are in good health and have realistic expectations you will be an ideal candidate.

    Treatment will benefit patients who want to address the following concerns:


    • Non-surgical face lifting

    • Skin tightening

    • Wrinkle reduction

    • Pore reduction

    • Acne scars

    • Scars

    Stretch marks


    What to expect during the procedure:


    You will be asked to come in with a makeup free face on the day of the procedure. Numbing cream will be applied before the treatment hence the needling procedure is usually very well tolerated. It is not a painful process but you might feel some heat.

    Some bleeding during the procedure is normal. Skin will show some redness which tends to resolve itself within a day.

    Depending on the surface area treated it can take from 10-20 minutes for the session, excluding the time needed for numbing.